The Wanted VS One Direction

Lucy Sykes has a very famous older brother. You may of heard of him. Nathen Sykes from a certain boy band called the wanted... Well because of this Lucy has a very strange life. There are a lot of good things about having a famous member of the family. One, they live in a huge house, two she can go shopping whenever she wants, three she is the most popular girl in her school, four she gets to ride around in limos a lot and see her brothers band (and lots of other celebs) play gigs. But of corse there are down side points too. Everyone tries to get free concert tickets and signed photographs off her, she is not allowed to shear any information about family things I case it hits the press but worst of all she can't like whatever music her brother doesn't want her to. Her brother only has one rule when it comes to music... Absolughtly NO ONE DIRECTION! But what happens when Lucy bumps into a certain mr.Harry Styles and sparks start flying??


2. Not Them!

When we arrived at the shopping centre, there seemed to be a lot of cars in the car park.. more than usual. "Wonder what's going on?" I said, clambering out of the car and placing my sunglasses over my eyes. "There's probably a big sale somewhere?" Alexis guessed, locking the car door. we trotted over to the entrance and there were so many people it was hard to even get around, "You had to pick today to go shopping didn't you?" I shouted to Alexis, who was clutching onto my hand so that she didn't lose me. Eventually, we got to the upper floor, and it was a lot less busy.. "Jeez!" I sighed when we were finally free, "that's the kind of thing that happens when I go shopping with my brother!" Alexis laughed and pulled me into the first shop in sight; River Island.

We had been shopping for about a half hour when I decided I wanted to go into the Super Dry store. The huge group of people still hadn't gone down, but we had stayed on the upper floor, all the shops down stairs were like food and coffee shops so we weren't too bothered about going in them. We made our way round to the Super Dry store and it seemed to be the quietest shop there. Finally, some peace! we trudged round, pointing things out to each other and examining prices.. I decided to buy a Super Dry school bag,we were going back to school in a few week so I needed a new one, and some new Head Phones. when we were walking out of the store, I was burred in one of my bags when I bumped into some one and flew straight to the floor. luckily, nothing broke. "Are You alright?" a male, English, voice came from above me. I looked up and saw an outstretched hand. without even thinking, I grabbed onto it and pulled myself up off the floor. I examined my body, and I looked fine. I still hadn't seen who I had banged into, but I caught a glimpse of Alexis's face, and she looked like she was going to pass out. I slowly turned my head round and saw five boys standing around me. one of them was closer too me. He had a mop of chocolate brown curls on his head and bright green eyes. I recognised who it was straight way.. and the others. I stepped backwards quickly, a look of horror on my face. "You okay?" the blonde haired boy said from behind him.. "That's not the usual reaction," Said the one with perfect, brown, bead head hair. I shook my head, slowly, "I'm sorry," I said as I pushed through them, dropping my bags.

I sat down on a bench, the opposite side of the store, my head in my hand. Nathan was going to kill me. he was really really going to kill me. maybe I just wouldn't tell him. that's it.. I wont tell him. just then some body came and sat down next to me. "hey," He said, I looked up and saw the very same, green eyed brown haired boy. "Are You alright?" he asked in concern, why should he be concerned about me? "yeah.." I sighed. I got to my feet quickly, "look I really shouldn't be talking to you.." I said flatly. "Not a fan?" he said looking up at me, "Or don't you know me?" he stood up and held his hand out in front of him, "Hi. I'm Har-" I held my hand up and stopped him. "I know who you are, and I am a fan, but I really can not be talking to you!" I said quietly. "Why not?" he asked, looking a little hurt.  "Okay.." I Sighed, maybe if he understood, he would back off, "My brother really doesn't like you and your band mates.." I began, but he interrupted, "Ah.. Most brothers don't.." he Smirked, "NO!" I said loudly, and he gestured me to continue, "I'm sure you know my brother... Nathan sykes..." I said looking up at him. he looked confused.. "The Wanted?" I said plainly. Then his expression changed. "Oh.." he simply said, "Yeah and that's why, if he heare that I was talking to you, or any of your friends, he's going to flip out." I explained. Then, one of his band mates came over, "Hey Harry!" his Doncaster accent ringing through my head. "Oh..." he said when he spotted me, "How are you" he asked me. I just sighed and sat back down. Harry turned to him and whispered to him. probably what I had just told Harry. "UUHHHH!!" I moaned loudly, "I HATE having a famous brother!" Harry turned back to His mate and I just about heard what he whispered to him, "Maybe you should get Lottie to talk to her Louis.." "Yeah, That might help" then they both turned back to me, and Louis came and sat next to me, "Look I don't need your help," I mumbled, but he put his arm around me, "I Have a little sister too, maybe it might help if you spoke to her?" He said sweetly. I had to admit these boys were really sweet.. but I wasn't allowed to like them. I did though, secretly. "Thanks.." I sniffed. "I'll arrange something," he assured me. he wrote his (And Harry's) number down on a bit of paper, with a cheeky wink, and handed it to me. "thanks," I said again. without even thinking about it I pulled them both into a big hug. "EMILY!" I heard somebody shout my name and I turned automatically, and I wished that I hadn't..

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