The Wanted VS One Direction

Lucy Sykes has a very famous older brother. You may of heard of him. Nathen Sykes from a certain boy band called the wanted... Well because of this Lucy has a very strange life. There are a lot of good things about having a famous member of the family. One, they live in a huge house, two she can go shopping whenever she wants, three she is the most popular girl in her school, four she gets to ride around in limos a lot and see her brothers band (and lots of other celebs) play gigs. But of corse there are down side points too. Everyone tries to get free concert tickets and signed photographs off her, she is not allowed to shear any information about family things I case it hits the press but worst of all she can't like whatever music her brother doesn't want her to. Her brother only has one rule when it comes to music... Absolughtly NO ONE DIRECTION! But what happens when Lucy bumps into a certain mr.Harry Styles and sparks start flying??


1. Not another Wanted Gig

"Honey!" My mom yelled as Nathan walked through the front door, "welcome home!" She grabbed his face with two hands and kissed him all over. I just laughed at his expression and went back to facing the TV. "It's good to be back mom" he said wiping the lipstick marks off his face. He walked in front  of the Tv and dropped his bag on the floor "Gimmie a hug baby sister" he said, his arms out stretched. I just sat staring up at him. He continued to hold his arms out. I sighed at launched my self at him. I had to admit, I did miss my brother when he went on tour. "good to see you big brother..." I said into his chest. He patted my head and sat down on an arm chair next to me. "So what's happened while I've been away?" He asked me sweetly. Nothing mager had actualy happend. But the one thing that had changed about me, he still had not noticed. "Nothing really" I said smirking at him. He immidiently looked worried. "What!" He said looking at me from a funny angle. I tilted my head and flicked my hair around a bit "oooooohhhhhhh.... You dyed your hair!" He laughed. "It took you bleeding long enough to realize!" I scoffed. My natural hair colour was dark brown but I had dyed it for the first time last week. It was like a black and red mixed together. I really liked it.  "Mom Finaly let you do it then?" He smiled. My mom had always said I wasn't allowed to dye my hair until I was at least 20 years old. Since I had only turned eighteen a few months ago, I managed to bargin with her to let me do it sooner. "How about you? Got any new girlfriends?" I asked smirking. Nathan always managed to find a new girl friend when ever he went on tour. Last time it was this girl named Sarah who was really nice, she took me out all the time. She was just like a big sister. I seriously don't know why Nathan broke up with her. Nathan looked at me and blushed. "What's her name?" I sighed "Miley" he smiled as he said her name. I hoped to god he didn't mean Miley Cyrus. I laughed at him and got up to go to my bedroom. "Oh, I almost forgot," said Nathan pulling my arm and shouting to mom who was in the kitchen, "we've got a a rehearsal for an award show and I wanted you two to come and watch" he said smiling up at me. Oh great, another chance to hear my brother sing.. Like I don't hear his songs everywhere i go! 

The next morning I lay still in my bed. I only had two weeks left of the spring break before I started my final year at school. I wasn't too nervous actually, because this would mean that I was top of the school. Awesome. Just then my phone buzzed all the way across the other side of the room.  I groaned loudly and slipped my leg out of the covers. I managed to pull myself up and shuffle across the room. I had gotten a text from my best friend it read;

MORNING SLEEPING BEAUTY! Get up because I'm taking you out shopping and I will be round your house in half an hour. You had better be up! :) Alexis xxx

uhhhh... The last thing I felt like doing right now was shopping. But when Alexis has an idea in her head she won't let it got. Alexis has been my best friend all through school. She really is awesome. She has freckles all over her cheeks and has bright orange hair. She is very smart so I have no idea why she choses to hang out with somone as stupid as me. I continued to shuffle out of my bedroom and across to the shower. it only took me a little while to shower, i did my hair and dryed it with in a few minutes. I pulled on the first thing I came across. My dark denim shorts that came up over my stomach with a lace corset kind of thing at the back, and my black and white belly top. the sun was out so I slipped my black and white vans on, pulled my hair up into a messy bun, and grabbed my Black Ray Banz off the side along with my phone. I flew down the stairs, only to be stopped by my mom. "Where are you going?" she laughed as I ran into her, "I'm going shopping with Alexis.." I said as I pushed past her, "Okay, see you later..." she called as I barged out of the door. as soon as I closed the door behind me, Alexis was waiting in her car, on the curb in front of my house. I ran down to the passenger side of her car and climbed in.

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