The Wanted VS One Direction

Lucy Sykes has a very famous older brother. You may of heard of him. Nathen Sykes from a certain boy band called the wanted... Well because of this Lucy has a very strange life. There are a lot of good things about having a famous member of the family. One, they live in a huge house, two she can go shopping whenever she wants, three she is the most popular girl in her school, four she gets to ride around in limos a lot and see her brothers band (and lots of other celebs) play gigs. But of corse there are down side points too. Everyone tries to get free concert tickets and signed photographs off her, she is not allowed to shear any information about family things I case it hits the press but worst of all she can't like whatever music her brother doesn't want her to. Her brother only has one rule when it comes to music... Absolughtly NO ONE DIRECTION! But what happens when Lucy bumps into a certain mr.Harry Styles and sparks start flying??


3. Lottie Tomlinson

There stood Nathan and the rest of The Wanted. I bet the girls down stairs where going crazy. Then, the rest of the One D boys and Alexis (Who still looked like she was going to pass out) came to join us. "Nathan!" I exclaimed as I saw him standing with his eyes wide open. the rest of his band looked just as angry as him, and so did One Direction to be perfectly honest. I flicked my head back round to Harry and Louis who were looking at me, then back to Nathan who also was staring at me. "Come on baby sister.. we're leaving.." Nathan ordered. "No..." Harry said. I quickly turned to face him again, wide eyed. Nathan looked at him as well. "What?" me and Nathan said at the same time, "She can stay if she wants to..." Harry continued calmly. I Watched Nathan's expression become livid. "We are going.." Nathan said grabbing my writs and pulling me away. we walked out of the centre, my eyes filling with water. WHY WAS I CRYING OVER ONE DIRECTION! I Pulled my self together, although it was hard as there were so many screaming girls. I knew this would make the press... I just knew it. Outside the centre was a long black limo that we all climbed into. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING EMILY!" Max yelled at me, "YOU WERE MESSIN WITH THE ENIMY!" "Dude.." Nathan said turning to Max. Max raised his hands up in innocence. "Seriously though Emily.." Jay said quietly, "What were you doing?" I sighed.. but they all pressed for an explanation. "I was just shopping with.." Then It hit me.i'd left Alexis with One Direction! Oh Well, She Wouldn't Mind.. "Yeah, We saw Alexis.." Tom Said, "Okay, I Was Shopping with Alexis and I Smacked into Harry when i came out of one of the shops," I Continued, "Then him an Louis came over to see if i was okay," Nathan still didn't say any thing to me.

When we got back home, the boys stayed to practice for this award show Nathan was telling us about. I Hated when the guys came over to practice because they went in Nathan's room which was right next to mine, and it was soooooooooo loud! as soon as we got in, I ran straight up to my bedroom and dug out a box from under my bed. If Nathan ever saw what was in the box he would surely kick me out of the house and tell everyone I wasn't his sister. inside was a lot of One Direction magazines and posters. I had always secretly liked one direction but I was never allowed to show it.. In the bottom of the box was a little book. It was were I wrote down my feelings and things about the boys. I pulled it out and wrote a new entry;

One Direction Diary... I have just had the best day, I Actually met the boys! I know! I cant belive it either! and Louis gave me..

I stopped writing. I looked around me quickly. Where was that paper. I rummaged through my pockets and pulled out the crumpled piece of paper... Ahhhh.. Louis and Harry's number. Should I... Should I... To hell with it! I pulled my phone out and dialled Louis number. I was going to get into soo much trouble for this. "Hello?" he said when he answered. "Hi. It's Emily..." I sighed, "Oh Hi!" I could hear all the other boys questioning him in the back ground. "it's Emily..." he said to them. they all began to shout hello's.. apart from Harry. "You changed your mind about the Lottie thing?" he asked, seemingly moving into a quieter room. "Yeah..."

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