The Auction

"Welcome to the Sex Auction," The man shouted. Oh fuck. This is going to be fun- not. I'm not having sex with anyone! I don't give a fuck okay? "Lily Black everyone," He beckoned to me as I strode onto stage. Someone had to take me, otherwise I was stuck with Rob and Carl. They'd make me do whatever they want. And they'd make sure I did it. Suddenly a thick Irish accent called out, "£2000," Fuck. That's a lot. For me? "Ah, and Lily Black goes to Niall Horan! That is until he gets sick of her and brings her back!" The man chuckled. "Oh I can assure you I won't be bored of this one," The Irish accent smirked.


23. Wounds

I stumbled awkwardly into Harry's room. The boys surrounded him, still and silent. He was on the bed, bolt upright, and shirtless. I held back my tears as I observed him. His nose was bloody and he just looked rough. I sat down and squeezed him, embracing him in a hug. "Ow!" He shrieked, in a high pitched voice, like a mouse in comparison to his normal voice. "Sorry Haz," I whispered. "It's okay poppet. Are you okay now?" He smiled reassuringly. I nodded. "what about you?" I asked. Harry shrugged his shoulders casually. "Like I said. I've had worse, I got a beating from Niall's henchmen," Harry explained. "Henchmen?" I questioned. Harry took a deep breath,"They. They do his dirty work for him. Beat people up...dispose of people," Harry trailed off. "Dispose of people? wait! Kill them!" I shouted in horror. Harry nodded solemnly. I sighed. Then I realised the boys were in there too, obviously. "Hey! Why didn't you help him!?" I shouted. Harry patted my hand,"Calm down poppet, it's cool," Harry smiled calmly. "No it's not. Why didn't you help him?" I interrogated angrily. "I'm sorry Haz. I just. We just- y'know how boss gets," Zayn sighed sadly. "So have you two lost your voices eh? because Zayn is the only one that's doing the talking! At least he said sorry, he's amazing compared to you. You did jack," I continued grumpily, pulling Zayn towards me and Harry, I don't know why, but it was just like we were a group. Louis stuttered and Liam shifted on his feet. Yeah! They feel bad now. Well too fucking late. Liam dragged Louis out, embarrassed as hell, which left me Harry and Zayn. "Thanks Zayn, for at least apologising," I said like a mother, "Lil, the boys couldn't do anything. Poppet, even if they wanted to."Harry smiled. Liar. Fake smile, much? I just nodded, and Zayn smiled, staring at the floor. "Well- eh. Uh, I eh, maybe we should, no, erm."Zayn stammered. "I'll just go," he reiterated, I nodded. He left, leaving me and Harry. I hugged him gently. "Thank you so much," I whispered, the tears starting to fall. "I feel like all you've done since you've been here us cry, Li," Harry sighed. That's because that's exactly it, but I just smiled a little. "I'm sorry," I muttered, Harry rubbed my back. "Don't be, you did nothing. Niall chose to bring you back. You didn't make me fall in love with you," Harry smiled. I shuddered. Love. Love. Love is such a funny word. Love is amazing. It's the warm feeling that can suddenly develop inside you. But love can be the cause of wounds. Deep, deep wounds that hurt you and don't allow you to trust again. Love. "Thank you Harry, I-I'd better go," I whispered, walking out. Love? Love. 



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