The Auction

"Welcome to the Sex Auction," The man shouted. Oh fuck. This is going to be fun- not. I'm not having sex with anyone! I don't give a fuck okay? "Lily Black everyone," He beckoned to me as I strode onto stage. Someone had to take me, otherwise I was stuck with Rob and Carl. They'd make me do whatever they want. And they'd make sure I did it. Suddenly a thick Irish accent called out, "£2000," Fuck. That's a lot. For me? "Ah, and Lily Black goes to Niall Horan! That is until he gets sick of her and brings her back!" The man chuckled. "Oh I can assure you I won't be bored of this one," The Irish accent smirked.


38. Sweet Messages

I climbed straight into bed, in my tank top and trousers. Not cleaning the smeared blood from my face or brushing my teeth- or well, you get the picture. My phone vibrated. 

From: Ash:)

hey, heres me checking on you!xx

i giggled and replied. 


why thank you xx

He didn't reply for a little while, and I drifted off to sleep. I woke up abruptly, darting to the bathroom I threw up. Fuck. It's about 2 a.m. I checked my phone quick and saw I had another message from Ash. 


i love you, sweet dreams babe. I'd love to meet up again xx

i replied instantly,


im sorry it's early, and I'm such a bitch for probably waking you up, but thanks and so would I xx

To my surprise Ashton actually replied. 


your not a bitch! Your my BEAUTIFUL girl, okay? Haha:) anytime of day is okay if it's for you. Would you like to go out tmorrow?xx

i sighed, I can't take another beating from Niall. I thought he'd changed but, obviously not. Whilst I was thinking about my reply, Ashton rang me. "Hey babe," He exclaimed. "Hey,"I whispered. "What's wrong?" He asked. I sighed. " you want to go out tomorrow?" Ashton asked. I felt the tears. "I can't," I whispered. "Why not? You don't like me do you," Ashton sighed, clearly heartbroken. "No I do like you! It's just...Niall," I muttered, when the tears started falling. "Look he's beating you isn't he?" Ashton said, I could hear that he was grinding his teeth. "No," I said. The tears just wouldn't fucking stop. "Baby please, you can tell me anything," Ashton answered. I broke down, and I told him. I told him everything...I know I'm going to regret this. 

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