The Auction

"Welcome to the Sex Auction," The man shouted. Oh fuck. This is going to be fun- not. I'm not having sex with anyone! I don't give a fuck okay? "Lily Black everyone," He beckoned to me as I strode onto stage. Someone had to take me, otherwise I was stuck with Rob and Carl. They'd make me do whatever they want. And they'd make sure I did it. Suddenly a thick Irish accent called out, "£2000," Fuck. That's a lot. For me? "Ah, and Lily Black goes to Niall Horan! That is until he gets sick of her and brings her back!" The man chuckled. "Oh I can assure you I won't be bored of this one," The Irish accent smirked.


50. Forever

Niall's POV

I've been so bad to that beautiful girl. She's stunning, her personality alike, simply special. I can't believe I've treated her the way I have. So much hurt, pain, distress...My poor girl. My baby. It's only now, that I've realised. When the beautiful girl, I've craved all along and loved, is nearly dead. Because of me- oh I'm so fucking stupid! If I didn't do that to Ash none of this would've happened. And the baby- the miscarriage. It's my fault; the baby, I beat her while she was pregnant. Fuck everything, apart from her. I need her to recover, I need to tell her how I feel. Why have I messed the fuck up so badly? Why do I always fuck up? It's because of Riley, we were so happy. 

"Hello. Are you here for Lily Black?"A man snapped me out of my thoughts with his deep, morbid voice. We all nodded, reluctantly though, as if in routine, but with more hesitance. 

"I'm very sorry-"The doctor began, I cut him off.

"No. No. No."I whispered. 

"I'm very sorry, but Lily Black passed away at 5:34, she died of blood loss...and her miscarriage effects took part in the causes of death. I'm very sorry for your loss."The doctor finished. No. No. The tears were like never before. I fell to my knees, sobbing. Harry and Ashton were screaming and crying. Then Harry ran toward me. 

"This is your fault!"He shouted. I cried harder...the truth is- hard. 

"Niall I hope you fucking die!"Ashton screamed. 

"Don't worry, I'll deal with that!"Harry snarled. The doctor tried to pull him back, but he wasn't strong enough. This outburst of rage took over. He pounded my head and torso. And the worst part was, I deserved it. I didn't fight back, I took it all. I deserve to die. I killed Lily, my beautiful beautiful girl. I'll love her forever. 


TWIST, haha xx 

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