The Auction

"Welcome to the Sex Auction," The man shouted. Oh fuck. This is going to be fun- not. I'm not having sex with anyone! I don't give a fuck okay? "Lily Black everyone," He beckoned to me as I strode onto stage. Someone had to take me, otherwise I was stuck with Rob and Carl. They'd make me do whatever they want. And they'd make sure I did it. Suddenly a thick Irish accent called out, "£2000," Fuck. That's a lot. For me? "Ah, and Lily Black goes to Niall Horan! That is until he gets sick of her and brings her back!" The man chuckled. "Oh I can assure you I won't be bored of this one," The Irish accent smirked.


52. All Too Quick

Niall's POV

Shit. I jumped up, tears flooding from my eyes. Lily's eyes were open.

"Lily, is it you?"I whispered. She nodded.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were s-someone else,"She whispered. My heart tore into a million pieces. Harry? Ashton? Fuck it, I just willingly let the tears fall. My baby is alive...but she doesn't love me.


Lily's POV

I lied. I knew it was Niall. I just didn't want him to think I liked him. Truth is, I didn't. Well...I kind of did. I knew there was good in him, deep down. He was just bruised from all the hurt and buried under a coat of armour. That I broke. But the thing is, that kiss was so good. It was amazing, I don't know what happened. I just remember slipping, then I saw a white light. I saw women with pale faces and white dresses; men ghostly white, the tips of their feet eerily transparent. And then Niall was kissing me. I don't know whether I was in a coma or something- but from the look on Niall's face- it was worse than that. I shook it off. I thought about the kiss. It was so- perfect. It set fireworks off in me, fireworks I'd never felt before. When even Harry and Ash both kissed me. Lies. It happened with Harry. But, it felt so wrong. The boy who raped me, hurt me- just, just stop Lily. You love him, you know deep down.


Harry's POV

I saw swarms of doctors inside Lily's room. Niall was beside her, kissing her hand, what the fuck? Oh my god. My baby's alive! Lily's alive! I cried hard and ran up to her.

"Lily, oh my- I thought you were- I love you!"I kept trailing off. Niall softly kissed Lily's lips. "Stop Niall!"I protested angrily. Lily doesn't love him, he can't force himself against her. My baby girl, I just cent fucking believe it. I can have my chance with her! We can fall in love. "No, I-I love him,"Lily whispered, barely audible. My heart lurched, as I shook my head in disbelief whispering,

"No, no, no."I whispered. Niall looked as shocked as me.

"What? I thought you-"Niall trailed off.

"I do. I'm sorry H-Harry,"She whispered. No. I knew there was only one thing I could do. This was all happening too quick. All too quick. I'd been planning this, before any of this happened. Before she came to hospital. Before all this. I ran my hand over the hinge of the velvet, red box in my jacket. I knew what I had to do.

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