We love you

When Mary commits suicide thinking that no one will miss her she is dead wrong, everyone who knew her was in tears ever since they knew she killed herself, and her best friend Lilly couldn't even do her school work without crying, will she ever know how much she is really loved?


1. Understanding

Death, why is it so terrible, do we know that once you do it, that it's over, that you are gone, forever? Do we think it is temporary and we can come back when we want? We'll no, death is horrible, once you slit your throat, or step off the chair with the rope around your neck, or the bullet in your mouth, you are dead, gone forever and not able to come back, do we understand the mistakes we make can be fixed, or the problems we cause can be cured, maybe with a smile, or a hug, or simply just being with them can make a difference in someone who is alone a lot or suicidal, just being their friend can save lives, but maybe no one understands it until it happens to them, or a friend, a neighbor, a brother, a sister, or a relative, or even you

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