We love you

When Mary commits suicide thinking that no one will miss her she is dead wrong, everyone who knew her was in tears ever since they knew she killed herself, and her best friend Lilly couldn't even do her school work without crying, will she ever know how much she is really loved?


2. Dead

Mary's P.O.V

the knife in my hand, on my neck, I need to do it now, I can't wait anymore, to see what more I can take with the bullying, name calling, and my own parents, my best friend Lilly drawing in the loft listening to moments by one direction, she thinks I'm reading, or getting my cello out, I left a note for her on the bed, saying how sorry I am for this and I love her, I say goodbye to her silently and pull the knife across my neck, warm ooze running down my chest, everything goes black

Lilly's P.O.V

i hear a thud from Mary's room, I look up

"Mary" I call, no answer

"Mary" I call again, still no answer, I get up and walk into her room and scream; blood all around her body on the floor, I see a note on the bed titled To: Lilly, I grab it and shove it in my pocket as her parents run in, they kneel next to her dead body. I grab my phone and shoes and leave, I go to the park not far from her house, I climb up in the tree to about thirty feet and sit, I pull the note out of my pocket and slowly open it, her writing sloppy but readable, it says

           Dear Lilly

  I'm sorry for doing this to you, please tell my parents I love them, and everyone at school, I want you to read this at an assembly about bullying, say, I don't want you to make the mistake I made, cherish your life, live it to the full, and no matter what anybody says you alone are perfect, don't make the mistake I made, keep your friends close and talk about your troubles, don't keep them bundled up until it happens, please, never do this to yourself, you are loved just the way you are, and don't ever think you aren't worth dying for, I love you all, especially my very close friend, Lilly, goodbye

i start to cry again, I fold the paper up and put it in my pocket, I pull out my phone and text all of Kylie's friends that I know of, I say Kylie just commuted suicide, I let out a large cry and fall backwards out of the tree, I almost catch my self with my left hand but twist it badly instead, I hit the ground with a thud, my back really hurts and the back of my head is throbbing, I stand up and walk to the bench and sit on it and examine my wrist, it is swelling up already, so I walk home, my dad drives me to the hospital where I discover u broke it, which really sucks because u can't play my cello, and we have a concert in a week, I guess I will just not play at the concert

the next day

when I get to school everyone asks me what happened to my wrist, I tell them I fell out of a tree, they ask where Kylie is, I say in heaven or he'll, they say they are sorry for me, I say it's ok, and they shouldn't be sorry, I didn't try hard enough to save her, everyone in the school comes to a special assembly I arranged with the principle where I read the letter Mary wrote to me, and to the school, as I read I occasionally look up to see someone crying in the audience, and most of them are her friends and the bullies that bullied her when she was alive, when I finish they all applaud for me, but I stop them

"don't cheer for me" I say, looking around, "thank Mary for taking the time to write it before she passed on, she was my friend, and I hope you will always remember how special every single one of you really are, don't think for a second that no one cares, because someone somewhere will always care for you" I say, a tear rolling down my cheek, and one of Mary's friends jack stands up and walks to the microphone

"I know how much Mary loves people, and to here Lilly read that letter brings up my spirit, and I believe she is watching us right now and is proud, I love her as my best friend, if you don't want anyone to commit suicide than stop the bullying, I see it all the time, name calling, shoving kicking, and I never tried to stop it because I was afraid that I would be the next target, but I don't care anymore, stop the bullying, make friends, and if one of your friends are bullying you, they aren't your friend, so find the right friends and move on" everyone applauds for him, I hug him tight because I didn't know how I was going to say exactly what he said until he said it for me

The principle walks up to the microphone as I cry into jacks shirt, "now when the bell rings everyone go to your next class" me and jack go out into the hallway and comfort each other, when everyone is released a lot of students come up to us and thank us for the speech, we just nod, and the most surprising person to come up to us was her brother who was at a friends house when she killed herself, he hugs us right and cries into my shoulder

"thank you so much for reading that, it's nice to know someone can, thank you so much" his voice cracking, I feel so bad for him, I let his sister die, I let his little sister die, as he hugs me I feel a new need, a new determination

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