Into the Unknown

This is a story of a Miss Edith Mistledust searching for a new life. She stumbles across a little boy with the ability to see the future. After meeting him she resolves to find the path to, what he called, a land "so lush and green and bountiful". Will she find it, and what sufferings are there for her on the way?

This is a period drama/fantasy set in the year 1941, 3 years after WW2 ended.


3. The proposal

After Jimmy and I had finished repacking all of my belongings he put one arm around me and the other my shoulder and helped my down the rest of the apartment blocks stairs. I pushed hard on the door and stepped out into the sunlight. It burnt as it shone over my face and I fell to the ground in tears. Jimmy crouched down beside me and placed my head on his chest. The warmth of his body soothed me and I clenched to him as I tryed to pull myself of the ground.
“Can you tell me what’s wrong now?” Jimmy worried. Fighting back the tears and the pain I said slowly,
“I’m homeless and have no idea where I am going to go and I just heard a curse been put onto my father’s head!” Jimmy paused for a moment before kissing me on the head.
“Well, I love you and I would like you to take a walk with me. I have something very important to talk to you about.” He announced. Looking back I was surprised I hadn’t twigged what was going to happen sooner. However I stood up took his arm and handed him my suitcase before we began walking.

We soon came to mine and Jimmy’s oak tree. This was where he had asked my out on our first date and where I and he had shared our first kiss.  I gazed up through all of its branches storing all of our happy memories.
“Still as beautiful as ever!” I laughed. He stopped laying out the blanket and suitcase and looked up at me. His eyes glistened in the sun and he commented.
“Yes, the tree is pretty nice too.” I smiled and kissed him gently. He looked at me a minute before getting down on one knee and holding my right hand. I laughed and quickly looked around to see if anyone was around.
“Edith,” He began “I have known you all my life and we have been together for 4 years now” He continued holding back his cheesy grin from baring all of his teeth. “and I know I love you. So this is why I would like to ask you, Miss Edith Mistledust, to be my lawfully wedded wife.” He removed his other hand from his pocket to reveal a ring. This ring had a silver band and delicately placed around it where clear crystals. I paused and grinned.
“You are a fool sometimes, but I do love you!” I grinned slipping my finger inside the ring. He jumped up wrapping his hands around my waist and spun me around. We sat under the tree entangled in each other’s arms. It was the happiest I had been in ages. I had the man of my dreams.

I was laying there happily when he suddenly sprang up.
“Let’s get married today!” He smiled. Slightly taken aback my fiancée, I looked blankly at him for a while before finding the breath to say,
“Today? I don’t even have a dress!” It was a feeble excuse.
“Think about it Edith. It means we can live together, build a family!” He said proudly. Taking hold of both of my hands he pulled me up. He paused before letting go of my hands and plucking a flower from the ground and holding it between us.
“This is how I see you. Perfect and untainted. The bud of innocence and, if you will have me tonight, mine to protect. Forever and always!” He kissed the flower and placed it delicately into the folds of my hair.
“Jimmy, I will marry you tonight but only if you promise to stay just the way you are. Forever.” I blurted, smiling a grin I could not bear nor had the power to stop. We danced, locked in our gaze. Our moment broken only by the last drops of sunlight trickling down our faces and becoming lost behind the horizon.

We wandered down the hill and onto the stone path into the village.  My heels clicked upon contact with the floor and with every step I held him closer. The stalls were all packed up and we were only left with the hollow shells of once a bustling town square that now had only the bird song for company. Turning into the church gates I walked a little up the path before trailing of and making my way around the church wall before stopping at a tombstone.
“Hello mother” I croaked “I hope you are alright. I’m getting married!” I spluttered. Fighting back the tears I continued to grasp onto my locket. “Jimmy is a good man, he will look after me I know it!” I looked back at Jimmy to see he was holding my suitcase. Even he had a tear in his eye. “I hope you will watch over us and I hope you will watch over father.” My voice had lost all power as I stroked her gravestone. “I love you mother and I hope I have your blessing.” My tears dripped down my face and onto the ground. I stood up slowly and steadied myself. “Goodbye mother.” I cried before turning back and cuddling into Jimmy’s arms. We stood at the side looking into the distance only moving when the church bell rang its 8 chimes for 8 ‘o’ clock and we moved silently, hand in hand, through the church doors with the bells chiming in our arrival with the call of the nightingale ringing deep in our ears.

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