Into the Unknown

This is a story of a Miss Edith Mistledust searching for a new life. She stumbles across a little boy with the ability to see the future. After meeting him she resolves to find the path to, what he called, a land "so lush and green and bountiful". Will she find it, and what sufferings are there for her on the way?

This is a period drama/fantasy set in the year 1941, 3 years after WW2 ended.


4. The first day of forever

Hooked silently on his arm we strolled into the church. The candles were all lit and threw out beams of light that bounced off the walls and danced around our feet as we walked. The glass windows shone through moonlight skipped around the floor beneath our feet. The choirboys harmonious tunes sung in our entrance and our footsteps echoed in the great hall twisting in and out of the old stone pillars supporting the roof. My eyes watched in amazement as I heard the great church bells ringing loud and clear accompanying the choirboys tune and adding to the graciousness of the candlelight flickering all around us.
“It’s so beautiful!” I gasped in amazement. We paused at the top of the isle and let out a sigh. A happy sigh.

Noticing the vicar at the front of the pews Jimmy released my arm and walked hastily toward him. Walking slightly forward I slipped into a pew and sat there silently trying to take the day in. I felt completely at peace. It was right at that moment when I felt a tap on the side of my shoulder. I turned to see who it was but was left utterly bemused by the lack of anybody around me. I took it of my mind and turned again to face the choirboys placed beautifully in front of the pane of stained glass. Leaning back again, I felt it, the same tap but this time slightly harder. I stood up and saw a tail of some description flash behind the pew. I stumbled out of the pew and stood at the side. Using my hand on the bench to support me I lent neatly over the bench when...
“Edith? Edith what are you doing?” Jimmy said pulling me away from the pew and down the aisle toward the Vicar. I tried to turn backward to try and see it again but Jimmy was persistent in pulling me forward. We had finally reached the end of the aisle and the Vicar stood before us. His white robe reflected the coloured light shining in from the window.
“Well, shall we begin?” He asked kindly. I smiled an approving smile and he told me to stand on his left and Jimmy on his right. Corecting my hair I stood in the appropriate place and looked up at my husband-to-be.

When Jimmy and I caught sight of each other, he was beaming ear to ear chuffed to bits with himself. I smiled at him them looked at the Vicar as a sign to say we were ready to begin. Suddenly I felt the room go all dark and cold. I close my eyes and rub them but as I open them everyone was gone. No choirboys, no Vicar and no Jimmy. I panicked.
“Jimmy!” I screamed. I heard a hiss coming from behind me. I spun round and saw Bobby. He looked normal. His completion was normal and his eyes had returned to normal.
“Bobby, is that you?” I mumbled to myself. I started to run towards him. My heart beat painfully hard inside my chest and my legs were as soft as jelly.
“It’s all your fault!” Bobby screamed at me. I stopped dead in my tracks as he started to walk towards me. I stood there confused as he paced towards me. I edged backwards and tripped violently on the red velvet rug that was underneath me. I fell down banging my head on the pew behind me and laying on the floor I heard him breathing over me and whisper harshly into my ear.

One more night you father may hold,
then deep within the earth he’ll lie.
And the one you hold most dearly,
will shortly become your undoing.

So sleep now child,
for you’ll need it now,
as the creature expects you,
will his ever furrowed brow.

I awoke to see Jimmy and the Vicar standing over me. Was that all just a dream? Did I imagine all that? I stood up quickly and corrected myself. I smiled again at the Vicar when we looked at me. Then turning his attention to Jimmy and received an assuring nod from him too and continued on with the service. We stood eye to eye as we recited our vows and gave each other our rings. I smiled uncontrollably as Jimmy slipped the shining gold band onto my finger and the Vicars words echoed around the old walls as he recited the last line of the ceremony,
“I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride.” Using his hand he gestured to me and as we kissed we heard the church bells strike nine. The choirboys started up again and we went off behind the Vicar to sign the formalities. I was so happy. I was married. Signing the forms and leaving the Vicars office we walked out of the church with a spring in our step.
“I love you Edith, this is the first day of our forever.” Jimmy smirked as we made our way quietly round the backs of the worshippers and tapped silently through, savouring our last looks of this heavenly place.

Walking through the big oak doors I noticed a chill in the air, noticing my discomfort, Jimmy placed his jacket around me and we walked down the church path and through the old and rusty gate. I grinned at Jimmy as he started whistling.
“Nice tune there,” I jested. He looked at me before grabbing my hand and running with me down the alleyways over bridges and over Stephens St to arrive at his house. Our house. We exchanged looks and rushed inside. We made our way up to the bedroom and closed the door.

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