A Talk With a Friend

Well, the reason I wrote this is because, just like my previous movella, was it was an assignment for my english 12 class. Again, its has the same characters like "The Gossip". The assignment was to write a story like the stories in The Canterbury Tales - it has to have a prologue, tale and a moral. My story is about Perrie, who is having a hard time with girls in her colorguard gossiping, and talking bad about her, so her friend, Eleanor, tells her a story with a similar plot to her problem to show her what she could do to stop the bratty girls, and such.

I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you understand the moral of the story! Please comment below on any sugestions that could help my story come along better!!

Thanks everyone! I love you guys!!! - Katie


3. Danielle Finds A Friend

“Hey, are you ok?” someone asked Danielle.

            “Huh? Oh, it’s just you. I don’t know, maybe. Why do you ask?” Danielle looked up and answered the voice. It was just Beth.

            “You don’t look ok. Just tell me, we are friends right?” Lexie told Danielle.

            “Yeah we are friends, but I don’t know, Beth. Things have been changing and I don’t know what to do,” Danielle responded her.

            “What has happened? Are you ok?” Beth asked Danielle, worriedly.

            Danielle explained everything to Beth. She told her about how the girls she called her friends would talk about how she shouldn’t be on weapon line, how she isn’t good enough for it and how they don’t get why their guard instructor choose her when she couldn’t do some of the choreography like the more experienced members on the line. Others said that she is holding the line back because of her inexperience, and that she looked ridiculous compared to the other five girls. She told Beth of how she heard on of the other girls on the line complaining to another about how Danielle isn’t working hard enough, and how she should be doing the higher, harder tosses like everyone else.

            What everyone else didn’t know, was how hard she was working to make herself, and the weapon line, look as amazing as she thought they should look. She tried her hardest to get those tosses that everyone else didn’t have trouble on. She gave her most and tried to give more during practices, and she tried not to complain about it unless it was something that was really wrong, like drill, or that she might’ve hit someone on the field or help with counts and choreography. Danielle would always ask for the captains’ help with tosses, and she would always try to make the corrections that her instructors gave her. Still, she was never good enough for the people who were ridiculing her; there was always something that she could do better, higher, faster, and stronger than what she was already doing.

Danielle was really glad that someone actually cared about her, that someone wanted to know what was going on. Beth was really surprised about Danielle was telling her. She just thought that Danielle was having a rough time with school work, not that people were being rude and mildly bulling her. Lexie kept telling her, while they were talking, that she needs to tell their instructors about this, because the instructors have a strict policy about gossiping about fellow members. It wasn’t right to have them talk to her like that.

            “Danielle, it’s not safe to keep things bottled up inside. Something could’ve been done to stop these girls from talking about you like that. You know Josh’s rule about gossiping. They need to get in trouble and know that what they are doing is wrong. They probably think it isn’t a big deal, that they are making an observation on your skills – where their ‘observations’ are so wrong cause you are really good! You’ve improved so much since June, and you deserve to be on this because you’ve worked hard for the past four years and if they talk this way about other members, maybe they shouldn’t be spinning,” Beth explained to her.

            “I guess. I really haven’t thought of it that way. I just tried to brush it off, like everyone says you should when people say mean things about you. I didn’t want to be wrong if I talked to Josh about it, because what if I did go to him and tell him what I think they are saying about me and they totally denied it? It would be humiliating and then they would be even meaner to me for trying to rat them out,” Danielle confessed.

            “Well, do you really care, or even want to care about what they say? These people have said that they are your friends and then go and say things like this, you can’t really want to be their friends anymore, do you? I know this might not be my position to say this – but please don’t be friends with them anymore. You are anything but like them, there are so many better people you can surround yourself with besides them,” Beth said bluntly.

            For the rest of the afternoon, Danielle and Beth talked, about everything. Danielle agreed with her that she shouldn’t be friends with those people talking bad about her. They also decided to go talk to their guard instructor and band directors about the gossiping going on about Danielle. Danielle thought about how even though you work hard at what you do, there will always be someone trying to pull you down to show that they are better than you, and that if you want to be your best, you have to overcome what they say because in the end, what they say won’t matter.

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