A Talk With a Friend

Well, the reason I wrote this is because, just like my previous movella, was it was an assignment for my english 12 class. Again, its has the same characters like "The Gossip". The assignment was to write a story like the stories in The Canterbury Tales - it has to have a prologue, tale and a moral. My story is about Perrie, who is having a hard time with girls in her colorguard gossiping, and talking bad about her, so her friend, Eleanor, tells her a story with a similar plot to her problem to show her what she could do to stop the bratty girls, and such.

I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you understand the moral of the story! Please comment below on any sugestions that could help my story come along better!!

Thanks everyone! I love you guys!!! - Katie


4. Danielle And Perrie The One And The Same

“So. Eleanor – how did you know that was what was going on?” asked Perrie.

            “Are you kidding me? I know you. You don’t think after being best friends for three years, I wouldn’t be able to tell what going on with you? Besides, I’ve heard what they’ve been saying- and they are totally wrong,” Eleanor said.

            “What do you mean?” a confused Perrie asked.

            “I mean, that story was just my unique way of telling you what I think and how I’m here for you,” Eleanor told Perrie.

            “So, you really think that I should go to Josh about this?” Perrie said slowly, starting to understand. “What if I am wrong? What if they deny everything I say that they said?”

            “They might,” Eleanor said. “But, they said things like that to me too. Which was really a bad idea considering everyone knows how close we are.”

            “Really? They told you those things? Why did they tell you that?” said Perrie.

            “Yeah, they did. I wrote everything they said down, and who they said it to, that way I have proof so they can’t deny it, because no one would think I would make something like that up, especially about you,” said Eleanor.

            “Eleanor, you’re the best. What would I do without you?” Perrie said to Eleanor.

            “Be sad and be talking to yourself right now?” Eleanor told Perrie in a silly way. “So, are you ready?”

            “Ready? What do you mean ready? Ready for what?” a slightly confused Perrie asked.

            “I saw Josh walk in about twenty minutes ago. Don’t you want to tell him?” asked Eleanor.

            “Yeah, I do. I just thought I had another day to think about what to say to him,” explained Perrie. “But, I guess now is ok. You’re coming, right?”

            “Of course,” Eleanor said as they stood up. “Lets go.”

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