Love Game

This is a story about a girl named Alexa...
She is a criminal and the leader of a 'gang'.
Everyone has a fear in front of her , but nobody knows
Her secret...
I'll tell it to you ! Everyone thinks she's a boy!
You will learn more about her in the Intro !
(Justin bieber fanfic)


1. Intro


Hey my name is Alexa but everyone calls me Lexa or Alex.

I'm 19 and well...
St my life is not normal !
I am the leader of the 'gang' in statford.

Not the biggest city but now times have we started samll...

Soon , we will move to California to make lager profits.
Everyone calls us "The shadows"

We are the most feared criminals across the city and are often in the news.

We are just 5 people..
4boys 1girl.
Each gear we think would be a pure boy Group but you can fool yourself !

All in all statford gangs and the fear in the other cities befor us...
And the funniest thing is..
Everyone thinks i would be a boy because I kill the most people and am the leader.

I'm not behaved that's for sure..
I have long brown wavey hair and big Grey eyes..
I'm tall but not taller as the boys in my gang..
I studied medicine and i know how to pull a bullet out of someone..

I also cook and clean in our warehouse but if it's enough the guys help me...
We live in a huge big house and use it as our quatier..
Thats my Intro and in the story you will learn more about me !!


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