My Lost Love ~ Niall Horan Fanfiction

Losing your childhood friend then finding him after years was a complicated experience for Alex Brown. Read as she goes through the bitchyness of her step - mother, and her family with the help of her long lost best friend who shocks her everytime she sees him. Enjoy! *Its even on wattpad*


1. Resemblance?

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You were at the supermarket picking out some snack's and stuff for your sisters-more-than-bestfriends, who literally kicked out of your own house. Alone. At night. You were busy having a fight with your mind over two bags of crisps. You thought and thought and thought and kept those bak and finally took out four long cans of Pringles (I love pringles, do you?) and plopped them in your cart.


Niall's P.O.V

I was at the supermarket with Liam and Louis.(They won't let me shop alone, like I am some 12 year old kid)

"I am going to go get some snacks" I told Liam before heading to the snacks section.

"Get some for all of us" He told me as I walked away. I heard that so I continued walking.

I found that section and I saw a girl there, she was facing me sideways so I could barely see her face. I could say that she was busy thinking over two bags of crisps. She then put those two bags and took four long cans of Pringles and threw them in her cart. "Might as well take Pringles as well" I said to my self. I went near that section and caught a glimpse of her face clearly. A picture of my childhood crush flashed in-front of my eyes, resembling from the girl who stood in front of me."Alex?" I thought to myself. "No it can't be".

I walked over to her "Err..... Excuse me?" I said loud and clear.

"Oh, Sorry" She said with a smile and moved out of the way, blushing out of embarrassment too. I took 6 long cans of Pringles then tried to make a conversation with her.

"Excuse me?" I said to her, she must've thought that she was in my way so she moved again. She started to walk away. "Quick Niall stop her" My mind shouted at me.

"Hey wait!" I shouted. She stopped and turned. "Yes?" She asked in her sweet voice.

"I....uh...... Have I seen you before?" I asked trying to be as casual as possible.

"Me? I don't think so" She replied trying to think but failing. "Why'd you ask?".

Why did I ask? Well I don't know smarty pants maybe because you seemed a familiar to me.

"You remind me of my friend." "Wow really Niall?" My mind told me.

"Aaahhh...........ok" She replied. "Is that all I get?" I thought to myself.

"Can I know your name please?" I asked hoping she would tell me her name.

"Alex." She replied coolly. My eyes widened. "Alex?!" I asked in excitement. "Why? My name can't be Alex?" She asked a bit pissed. 

"No, it's just that I had a friend named Alex, you resembled her so thought I'd ask." I replied.

"Alright" Is all I got from her.

"Where you born in Ireland?" I asked hoping she would say yes.

"How do you know that?" she asked. 

"Then you moved to London?"

"Are you a stalker or something?" She asked. "How on earth do you know that?" she asked curiously.

"I told you, you resembled my friend" I smiled a bit I think. She was blank. Not a word.

"When did you move here?" I asked.

"About an year ago" she replied. "I was in London for 9 years, and then my father got promoted so we are here" she said. That clearly explained where she got her British accent from.

"I'm Niall if you don't know me" I said and put my hand forward for a handshake.

"The whole world knows you" she said while shaking my hand and smiling. She had an amazing smile.

"You look alot like my friend Alex" I said looking at her. She smiled, more like blushed a bit but tried to hide it. We stood there awkwardly not knowing what to talk about.

"By any chance, did you go to Saint Mary's Co-Ed Primary School?" I asked. *A/N: I know Niall didn't go there. he went to an all boys school so I had to change that*

"Yes, but I left the school, infact Ireland when I was in 5th grade"

"I think I know how to prove that you are the Alex I knew" I said.

"How?" she asked.

"4th grade, year book." i said. She didn't understand. "Do you have your 4th grade year book?" I asked.

"Yeah I do but I don't know where it is" She said trying to recollect where she must've kept it.

"Alright, we'll do one thing, after going home, we'll look up in our 4th grade yearbooks" I said.

"What will we look up? And how will I know you?" She asked. She obviously wasn't a Directioner.

"First we'll search up, then we'll call up each other. Cool?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think that would work." She replied "YES!" My mind shouted. We exchanged each others numbers and walked to the billing counter. I saw Liam looking at his watch then looking at me. I gave an apologetic look. She was done. She turned around, looked at me, flashed a beautiful smile, then left. After I was done, I could clearly see that Liam was mad.

"WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG???!!" He asked, Daddy always shouts.

"Sorry" Is all I said.

"I could see you were flirting with that girl mate" Louis said.

"I wasn't" I defended myself.

"Let's go! C'mon!" Liam shouted again. We all sat in the car and left. Well this was clearly a good thing which happened to me, I think.


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