My Lost Love ~ Niall Horan Fanfiction

Losing your childhood friend then finding him after years was a complicated experience for Alex Brown. Read as she goes through the bitchyness of her step - mother, and her family with the help of her long lost best friend who shocks her everytime she sees him. Enjoy! *Its even on wattpad*


2. Found You!

*Your P.O.V*

I went back home and my friends shouted at me for being late. 

"Hello to you too guys" I said to them throwing each can to each of them. 

"Which movie?" I asked them. Showing them dvds of toystory, wolverine and pitch perfect.

"Pitch Perfect!!" They all shouted on sync. You slid the DVD in the player and sat down with them stuffing your face with the chips. Suddenly you get a text.

"How's t research going?" I instantly recognized that number as Nialls. 

"Not yet started :p" I texted back.

"Can you send me your picture? Current or old? Doesn't matter" odd question. You sent him your picture not knowing the reason. 

"Thanks" He texted back.

"But why did you ask?" You asked.

"I needed confirmation" He texted

"From who?" You asked.

"Mum :p" He texted . He sent my pic to his mum?! What?!

"You sent that pic to your mum?!" You asked.

"Yup!" He replied.

"And she does remember your face! You ARE the Alex I lost!"He texted .

"O.o I'll text you back later on the fact of finding you ;) Bye " you texted him

"BYE!!" he replied. You ran into your room and went up to the book shelf. Stood on your tip toes and pulled pulled out a huge box.. You started searching for the yearbook. Found it!! You quickly started flicking through the pages. You ended on a page with all the groups and all the kids on it and stuff. You saw. The younger version of you with a kid with brown hair both of you having your arms around each others shoulders. That picture was labelled "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER".... 

Guess he actually found me...

Comment, like and tell me if you want me to continue! Love you!! :* and plus sorry for it being short

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