Life as Somebody Different

Hope Carta is soon to find out she is a witch and will attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At first she thinks she is strange and slightly abnormal however she soon realises that she is just as sane as everybody else. Hope's life changes for the better and meets a boy who is famous and his name is Harry Potter.


1. A Very Special Birthday

A young girl named Hope Carta lay on the floor of her bedroom, daydreaming and oblivious to the fact that tomorrow her life would change forever. She would turn another year older at eleven and in less than twenty four hours, the secret of the family would be revealed. Nobody knew, not even her parents however, there was another world expecting her to attend to her new school during the next academic year.

“Bed, Hope, please!” Called her mother from downstairs. “The sooner you fall asleep, the sooner tomorrow will arrive!”

“Ok goodnight,” Hope called back, sighing. She wouldn’t be able to fall asleep tonight as she would be too excited for tomorrow and she had this weird feeling inside her that this birthday would be different and extra special.

She climbed into her bed and attempted to fall asleep. She tried counting; thinking of a new story idea however after a few hours when she was still wide awake, Hope realised this would be a long night.

“I need to get some sleep! I need to get some sleep!” She told herself getting quite frustrated. Hope hated restless nights. It was as if she was on her own somehow because everyone else was asleep. It was stupid, she knew because there were different time zones all around the world. She was bright and witty for her age and had a wild imagination.

Hope sat up and whacked her head hard on her bedside table in the procedure, it hurt. Surprisingly, a lot. Tears rolled down her smooth face falling onto her pillow. She lay her head back down on her damp pillow and felt her eyes becoming weary. Within fifteen minutes although what felt another hour, Hope fell asleep.




“Wake up Hope! Happy Birthday!”  Her mum’s voice rung in my ears as she woke up.

“What...” She  mumbled but then Hope remembered; today was my birthday! She sat up and a tray with her breakfast on which consisted of a croissant and jam toast was put onto her lap.

“Mmm, thanks!”

Hope ate her breakfast in silence of pleasure and her dad brought in her  presents and cards.

She unwrapped the smallest present first; a small necklace with an owl on. Its wings were majestically spread as if it was about to fly off the necklace and into the cool breeze outside.

“Thank you!” Hope said again. She unlocked the chain and placed it round her neck, the chain cold and sent a small chill down her body.

She moved onto the next present which was rectangular shaped however a loud thud was heard from downstairs. Everyone’s head turned to the bedroom door. Hope stood up and rushed downstairs. A letter was sat on the sofa however nobody was around.

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