Bad Girls Gone good

Rachel is the most popular girl in school and the boys are new can Niall make her a good girl read to find out


3. The Text

Rachel's POV

I got back from Harry's and went to my room my mom was at work and dad well I've never meet him and I'm a only child so I was home alone again. Well I made a sandwich then went to my room and got on Facebook Instagram ect. thinking about earlier then I got a mysterious text that read meet me at your back door. I know I'm a bad girl but when I get a text like that I get scared I got a knife and a bat then went to my back door. I got there and there was a blond boy standing there I opened the door and he just kissed my. Whoa what are you doing here and did you text me? I asked 

"Yes I did send you the text and I came here to kiss you when I seen you today I knew you would never like a guy like me but I just had to kiss you and by the way my name is Niall." He said

"Wait what I like you why would I not like you, you are hot and so is Harry." I said 

"Most girls don't like me they like Harry or one of the other boys." Niall explained 

* sorry I haven't been online and I know it's a short chapter but I just had to get one on here I hope you like it and you can follow me on instagram at rachedawn well I'll try to update tomorrow school has got me so busy well love you guys*

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