Bad Girls Gone good

Rachel is the most popular girl in school and the boys are new can Niall make her a good girl read to find out


4. spending the night

Rachel's POV

I invited Niall in and went and changed to my pj's (this is what they looked like)

It was getting late so Niall stayed over we hung out and talked till Niall got a message and he wouldnt tell me what it said so went to the bath room and left his phone bad mistake. I know how long it takes for a boy to use the bathroom and he didnt have a password I got on his Iphone 5 and read what it said it said "from Harry and the boys Niall show her how to be a good girl." He said ok will do." Now that I read that the was no way in hell I'm going to be good! Niall came out of the bathroom in his Calven Kline boxes and I attacked him I mean I made out with him and one thing lead to anther then we was on the movie room haveing fun if you know what I mean. About 3 hours later we went to bed and said our good nights then went to sleep.

*Sorry anther short chapter had to put one up thought tanks for the likes and comments hope you like it so far try to get one up tomorrow love you guys.*

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