Bad Girls Gone good

Rachel is the most popular girl in school and the boys are new can Niall make her a good girl read to find out


2. Skipping Scool

Rachel's POV

The bell rang and me and Harry ran to my car then drove to his flat. "We are here." he called  We went inside sat on the couch then started to make out he moved his lips to my neck then he got my sweet sport and started sucking making moan his name. He reacked hi shand down my pants and started playing with me not moving his lips from my neck I  then poled his shirt off his tan fit torso and got on top of him then he took my shirt of I start kissing his neck down to the top of his pants then pole the down and start sucking his big cock. He poles me up and takes my pants,panties,and bra off then he started kissing my stomiac down to my cunt then he started licking it. "H-harry stop playing with me just stick it in me." I moan He gets u and sticks it in me and we fuck and fuck for 5 hours till Harry said " The boys are coming over so we have to stop." I said"ok but we will pick this up later. ThenI gave him a long passionate kiss then left and told him to call me.

* Athour's note hope you guys like it I will update soon luv u's* 

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