Bad Girls Gone good

Rachel is the most popular girl in school and the boys are new can Niall make her a good girl read to find out


1. First day of school

This is Rachel and she wore this on the first day of school

   Rachel's POV

I wake up to hearing my dumb alarm took a fast shower and got dressed. Today is my first day of being s senior I'm so happy. I run down my stairs kiss my mom goodbye and get in my red ford focus then drove to school. I get to the student parking spot shut my car off grab my bag then walk into school looking for for someone to pick on. I finally find Mary Beth (made up the name) I've been picking on her sense 7th grade but she will do for now. I walk up to Mary and push her books out of her hands then pick her up and throw her on the ground.

"What did I do to you?" Mary whispered

"What was that." I asked

"Nothing." She stated

"That's what I thought." I yelled as she ran away

Then 5 boys walk through the door and I  seen a cut blond boy and a cute curly haired boy but hey I got some fresh meat.

                                                                           Niall's POV 

When me and the boys walked into our new school I was looking around and sow this cute girl that had brown hair and blue/green eyes but I know she will never like me she will like Harry or Zayn.

"Niall are you ok?" Asked Louis 

"Yes sorry I was day dreaming I guess."  I lied 

''Ok well lets go to class." Louis said 

"Ok lets go." I answered 

Rachel's POV

The bell rang and I got to my first class math, but when I walked in i so when 5 boys again. There was one seat left so I went and sat down in it the good thing is the person beside it was that cut curly haired boy and in front of me was the blond boy I think this is going to be a good day.

Harry's POV

There was one seat left beside me and a sexy girl walked in and sat down by me so started writing notes and passing them to her one said "Hey sexy what's your name?" she answered "It's Rachel and you don't look to bad yourself whats your name?" I said Harry and whats you #?" She said Harry that's a nice name and my number is 555-7732 (made up # btw) whats your #?" Thanks and my number is 555-4367(made up). I answered then i got a text from her saying " How about we skip next period?" I text back and said "Ok sexy."

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