Heartbreak girl (5SOS)

Allie Jacobs and Ashton Irwin have been friends for as long as they could remember. When Ashton goes on tour with 5 Seconds Of Summer and Allie goes away to university they lose contact. 3 years later they meet again, but will their friendship ever be the same. What would happen if Allie wasn't the way Ashton remembered...


2. 3 years later

Ashtons P.O.V


My hand knocked nervously on the door. It's been 3 years since I saw Allie last. 3 years of waiting. The door opened and i stood there shocked, shocked at the girl who stood before me.

"Ashton!" She yelled and gave me a massive hug. There was no doubt it was Allie. But she didn't look like herself. Her once blonde hair was now a chocolate brown. It looked incredible on her. She was no longer the 17 year old i left behind, but a stunning 20 year old. Everything about her was so perfect. Her figure was slim, yet quite tall, she could practically be a model.

"Oh my god Allie, you look.... amazing!" I replied and she smiled. Her teeth were so perfect. I couldn't even to imagine how she managed to make herself like this, but i liked it.

"So how have you been?" I managed to ask. She just sighed

"You know, good" She replied, bluntly i might add

"How was Uni?" I asked

"Meh, it was okay, the whole work part of it was pretty boring. But the clubbing was immense!" She replied. That wasn't like Allie. She hated the idea of clubbing.

"Oh you went clubbing?" I asked, confused. She didn't even notice this though

"Yep, i'm going tonight with a mate, wanna come?" She asked. I wanted to go, but i would rather spend time with Allie alone.

"No thanks Al, i'd rather spend time with you" I hinted, she clearly didn't get it

"Kay, well i'm going to get ready to go out, we'll spend the day together tomorrow, yeah!" She replied, before walking off

"Yeah" I muttered, even though she couldn't see me


Allies P.O.V


I walked up the stairs to go get ready. Ashtons face when i told him that i was going clubbing was absolutely hilarious. I was never like this with him, i was all about the grades. I mean i did try at Uni, got a good mark. But it was too easy, too boring. In my first year my mate Jai took me clubbing, it escalated from there. We go out every Saturday. I was searching through my wardrobe, trying to find something nice to wear. I settled on a bright red dress. It stopped halfway on my thighs and suited my body shape amazingly. It made my boobs and bum look bigger, as well as showing off my slim figure. I pulled it on and started to do my hair. I ended up having it loose, but curled round my shoulder and fixed into place. I put only a small amount of foundation and blusher on. I used heavy mascara and made wings with the eyeliner before applying some bright red lipstick. I examined myself one last time in the mirror. Perfect. I walked downstairs and went into the kitchen. My mum was in there talking to Ashton.

"Mum, i'm going out. I'll either be back later or tomorrow, don't wait up!" I said and she nodded. Ashton however stared at me, his jaw practically on the floor. This was a side of me Ashton had never seen. I used to be your typical tomboy. But i went to Uni as a different girl, created a whole new side to me. And i preferred this Allie. A lot

"See ya tomorrow Ashton, meet me here at 3 yeah" I said and i walked out. I heard a small yeah come from behind me. God what was up with him, he seemed so shy and cautious of me, he was acting like he didn't know me!


I got to the club and found Jai.

"How's my little famous superstar" I said, treating him like a dog and ruffling his hair.

"Amazing, how's my gorgeous girl?" He asked back.

"Brilliant" I replied as i placed my lips on his.

"I missed you baby" he said as we finally broke away

"Me to, is it alright if we cancel our date tomorrow. Ashtons back and i really want to spend some time with my bestie" I said and Jai laughed

"Okay, but promise you won't try anything, you're mine baby doll, mine and all mine" I laughed and he handed me a drink. I downed it in one and lead him onto the dance floor. We stood there together for the whole evening dancing, at some points Jai's friends came over. Beau was like my brother, well my other brother.

"How's the Janoskian life going" I said and he smiled

"Perfect hun, now go dance with your boyfriend" Beau replied. I did as i was told and started dancing with Jai.

At 2:30 we decided to call it a day and go home, i decided to go back to mine so i could be ready for Ashton tomorrow.

"See ya probably tomorrow at some point. I'll introduce you to Ashton" I slurred at Jai as a got in my cab

"Will do baby doll" He replied and he got in his with all his mates. I told the driver my address and made my way home. The minute i got to my bedroom i dived into bed, i looked a mess. But i would sort it out in the morning.


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