Truly Madly Deeply

19 year old India is traveling to Chicago to get away from her abusive boyfriend. Little does India know she might meet a famous Niall Horan. Will India be able to escape abusive Mick and end up with the love of her life? Find out in this story.


7. Together

It had been almost 30 minutes of walking around before I saw daylight. It was slowly creeping in between the clouds. The storm had stopped but everything was destroyed. I looked around at the city, it looked completely different. My stomach started to growl from loss of food. I pinched my stomach so it would stop making that noise, I felt kind of self conscious considering I was walking right next to Niall Horan. This was so weird! I don't even know how to explain how I was feeling right now! My head hurt and so did the rest of my body from the tornado, but Niall was next to me. He took out his phone and started calling someone. After setting down his phone he turned to me and said, "Management forgot our car at the concert, everyone else made it home all right, but they should be coming soon to pic us up." I smiled and sat down on a cement bench. The way he said US made me happy I never would think he would be saying that, I've always hoped, but didn't know it would ACTUALLY happen. "Storms starting to clear out, people will start coming out, um do u perhaps have any sunglasses?" He asked me. I knew what he meant, if us Directioners  were to see Niall standing in the street we would desperately try to get him. I was surprised that I wasn't. "Uh umm no they blew off from the tornado," I said. He smiled at me and looked around. "Ugh they said two minutes! Where are they?" He asked while pulling out his phone, "Damn it, phones dead, I don't mean to be intrusive but can I borrow yours?" I replied, "Of course," and handed him the phone. He glanced at my duck tape and had a big, sweet, attractive grin on his face as he said, "Haha I like your duck tape." I smiled back at him, and said, "Thank you I like it too." 

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