Truly Madly Deeply

19 year old India is traveling to Chicago to get away from her abusive boyfriend. Little does India know she might meet a famous Niall Horan. Will India be able to escape abusive Mick and end up with the love of her life? Find out in this story.


6. Those ocean eyes

3:00, 3:00 am was the time as I looked over at the clock. My eyes finally drifted back to sleep as I was awoken by a bang. It came from a distance not that far though. Georgia opened her eyes and closed them. It was probably just a garage door shutting or a car so I fell asleep. My dream had started again and Niall had his arms wrapped around my chest and was petting my hair as he kissed my forehead. His muscles squeezed me in a warm tight hug and I started to untwine my fingers with his, as we kissed, deeply, in the rain. He wrapped his legs around mine when suddenly a shake? A shake? Why was Niall shaking me? His voice was different it sounded sorta lik- Chelsey! I woke up to see her eyes staring into mine as she was shaking me. "What's wrong?" I asked looking around. "Tornado," she said screaming, "REALLY bad tornado!!!!" I suddenly got scared and jumped up to look out side. I could see it in the distance it was orangeish and swirling as fast as a penny in one if those donation vortexes. I looked closer and Chelsey pulled me back just as a chair hit our window, sending the window to splash into a million pieces. I pulled Sydney and Georgia away as they woke up screaming. We ran to the kitchen and got books to cover our heads like they did at school. Sweat was pouring from my forehead and soaking my brow.  Georgia started crying, I rubbed her shoulder. Chelsey grabbed all of our arms and dragged us to the front door. We scrambled out and dodged the flying furniture going every direction. We ran as fast as we could out of our neighborhood, and kept running as to run away from the storm. When we had reached the end of our neighborhood we all stopped to take a breath. Chelsey asked, "Are you guys ok?" She asked worried. We all stopped and nodded, "Just a little traumatized," I said. We kept on running and running until our feet couldn't stand it anymore. I had formed several blisters that had began to feel like burning when I even so much as walked. The storm had slowed down a little and we looked around to find a place to sleep. We spotted a little rock cave that was lodged between two trees. I looked around and asked, "Where are we?" Chelsey stopped and looked around, "I have no idea, but it's almost like a dessert now with all of the dirt and sand that was blowing around. I looked around Georgia, Chelsey, and Sydney were no where to be found. The storm was coming back, i wobbled towards our hide out and was walking towards it when suddenly.... It was black, pitch black. I couldn't get up or walk around. My head was killing me it felt like an anvil had just hit my head. My legs felt like all the trains in the world had just ran over them, and my ribs they hurt like I had just got ran over by a cement truck. "Hello love, are are you ok?" I heard from a far. My eyes slowly opened and closed. I saw him I knew it I was knocked out, I was dreaming. I opened my eyes again to see the silhouetted figure of someone slowly inching closer. He seemed confused, like he didn't know how to help me. I tried using my arms to get up, but I only stumbled back falling again. He ran up close he could obviously tell I was hurt. "Don't try to get up! You will only hurt yourself." He said supporting my head with his arm. It was smooth and strong, and very warm. He leaned over to look at my face. I could still only see his silhouette, but he started to become clearer and his eyes, hi eyes were perfect like the color blue after a storm in the ocean. They were kind and caring, and trustworthy. He stroked my head. I winced when he touched my bruise. "Oh oww I found where you got hit he said." I rolled over in pain to see his face. He smiled at me. My vision started coming back. I noticed the shape of his face and his blonde hair. It couldn't have been!!! I slowly and quietly asked, "Niall?" He looked around nervously an smiled sweetly, he nodded and helped me up. I was shocked, how the hell was Niall here? I asked him, "Why are you here?" He laughed and replied, "I had a show, remember I am in a band?" 
I replied, "Oh haha I know but why are you here." 
"Our show got canceled due to the storm, I was going back to my house when I saw you. Well, first I saw a lamp coming your way I rushed over as soon as it came your way."
"So that's how I got knocked out."
"I think so," He said with a smile, "I should bring you over to our house, with this wind there's no way you could get back to your house."
I smiled and ran with him to the house. I was starting to think getting knocked out by a flying lamp wasn't such a bad thing.

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