Truly Madly Deeply

19 year old India is traveling to Chicago to get away from her abusive boyfriend. Little does India know she might meet a famous Niall Horan. Will India be able to escape abusive Mick and end up with the love of her life? Find out in this story.


3. Old friends

 My pov
The motel made me think of my grandmothers house. As I walked down the stairs I could smell bacon, coffee, eggs, muffins, pancakes and more than anything sausage. The smells made me hungry my stomach growled as if it was summoning the food to come to it. The dining room was full of people young and old. There was a group of about 7 seven year olds and a Grandma and at least 20 Middle Aged people. I picked up a orange tray and got an assortment of cereals, muffins, eggs, bacon, and what seemed to be breakfast potatoes although, they looked more like rocks. All of the tables had orange marble glass and comfy red chairs, I sat at one and started to drink my orange juice and ate my muffin. I kind of looked like a loner but whatever, I had to figure out what my dream meant. People always called me crazy because whenever something unordinary happened I always said, "It means something." I believed it too. The question was, "What made this different then my other Niall dreams?" I had had a lot in the past, so why was this so special? I guess probably that he was helping me over come something. You know what I don't even know. Here I am 19 years olde even, and I still think that this Niall Horan is going to be the one to marry me?!? I'm crazy utterly and completely crazy. I stopped thinking as I saw someone around my age walking towards me, he had dark green eyes and light brown hair. "Hi can I help you?" I asked him while he was walking towards me. "Idk can you help me?" He asked. "What do u mean?" 
"I'm new here and can't figure out anything, I don't have anyone to sit by." He said.
I patted the seat next to me and he sat down. He smelled nice like strong vanilla. "What's your name?" I asked him. "Fernandoo," he said with at thick Spanish accent, it took me by surprise bc he looked so American. "I like your accent." 
"Same with yours."
He took a look at my scars, "Cat?" 
"Yes it was a cat."
"Yes, are you going to eat those nachos? Because I'm really hungry and they potatoes are disgusting!"
"They look so."
"Yeahh.." I said looking at him, he was so weird like just awkward.
"My girlfriend ees here frum Italy were having how u say romantic time."
He ushered for them to come to our table and I was about to get up when he said! "No no stay stay we buy u meal." 
I was really not in the mood to talk to tons of people who don't even speak my language enough to understand them. 10 people walked over to our 4 person table. An old woman came over and kissed my hand, "Ahh señorita u must be good friend of Fernando no?" I looked at her and was like ok this is crazy I shot up and very politely said, "Im sorry but I really should be going." This was true I had a whole day just to look around at Chicago and find out where I was going to be living. The old woman got out of the way and patted my back, "Good señorita good señorita it's time to get job." I nodded and walked out. 

       The doors clicked behind me as I walked out of my motel. I just walked around for a while not really doing nothing and I decided to get on a random bus to go no where in particular. When I got off the bus I saw someone who looked familiar.. It was Kathy I had gone to high school with her!!!! I tapped her shoulder and she turned around to look at me, her face was amazing she let out a huge smile and squeezed the life out of me with I a huge bear hug. "Why are you in Chicago?" She asked. "
"No reason." 
"Mick?" She asked.
"How did u know?" 
"Mother told me she told everyone."
"Ah shit."
"I know I'm so sorry sweety." She said rubbing my back, "I'm on my way to the reservoir, wanna come with?"
"Ya sure I kind of feel like a loner, haha."
"Me too let's be loner buddies:)"
She said taking my arm, we walked down the street. There it was a beautiful glistening harbor, seagulls, and ships everywhere. 
"Sooo do u wanna talk about Mi-"
"No." I said because it was true, I just wanted to forget him. He was abusive and shouldn't be trusted by anyone. A tan man around 20 came running towards us, his face was so perfect he looked like a Hollister model. "Well hello there Kathy, mind introducing me to your little friend?" He asked. "Matt I told u to wait in the car!" She said seductively scolding him. "But I couldn't Kathryn I love you I need you!" He said back pleading. I looked around at them, I was so confused. "Matt!" She said sternly and he ran away. "Umm should I-" I asked before being interrupted by, "Boyfriend," then she continued, "We met a year ago on our way to college I decided to study here and he fell in love with me." 
"He's pretty cu-"
"I know." Kathy had a habit of interrupting that's just how she works. 
"Well you seem busy I should just lea-"
"No problem, don't ill just call him back," she screamed, "Matt!!!!! Here now!!"
He ran back with his surf board, sand clinging to his legs. "What does madam want?" Kathy bobbled her head she kind of had an attitude, and was really annoying! But you just kind of were friends with her always. She started to speak, "Indie and I r going shopping don't come near unless I tell u to." He rolled his eyes and came close to her, he leaned in for a kiss to her but she just put a hand to his face, and he walked away all sad. 

            Macy's, Ross, Forever 21, H&M, Pink, and Icing were about to get a taste of our shopping spree. We went everywhere and bought EVERYTHING. I felt so girly carrying 20 bags around, but it was so much fun. Kathlyn had so much money and could date any guy she wanted to because she was so pretty. We walked into my room, and opened my dresser and closet. There wasn't much close that I could take on the plane so I had to get more clothes. Lotion spilled out of my Bath&Bodyworks bag, so I took it into the bathroom and put it in the cabinet. "Slleeeppoovvveeerrrr!!!" She screamed lying on my bed. I replied, "Umm I guess you sleepover considering you just bought me over $300 worth of clothes and accessories!"
"No problem girlie we gonna have so much fun!" She said while pulling me over to the mirror and taking out an assortment of make up from her bag. She asked, "How 'bout old times.. Blind folded makeover?"  I smiled at her and took out a tube of liquid eyeliner, "pjs first?" 

      It was around 3:00 am by the time we finally fell asleep. She slept on my floor in a sleeping bag and I slept on my bed, like old times. 


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