Truly Madly Deeply

19 year old India is traveling to Chicago to get away from her abusive boyfriend. Little does India know she might meet a famous Niall Horan. Will India be able to escape abusive Mick and end up with the love of her life? Find out in this story.


1. Flight 137 a new life

 It had almost been two months since I broke up with my boyfriend. I guess  I shouldn't say brake up it was more of a running away. I was trying to get away from him for various reasons I don't wish to explain. The year was 2018 I had just turned 19 and was on my way to Chicago to start a new life. Flight 137 had just rolled in and my red leather suitcase handle was in my hand as I boarded the plane. I looked around checking to make sure that Mick hadn't been following me as I was checking a voice interrupted me, "Excuse me miss are you on this flight?" I turned around to see a plump flight attendant in an indigo suite, taking tickets. "Oh sorry," I said handing him the piece of paper. I got on the plane and took my seat next to a business woman in a long red suite. She looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back and sat down. "Oww that must of hurt," she said pointing to my cuts on my arm, "who did that to you?" 
"Umm cat," I said lying to her. 
"Oh ouch," she said, "I'm Chelsey." The woman said reaching her hand out to me so I could shake it. 
"I'm India," I said shaking her hand. 
"Pretty name," she said, "Any reason you are going to Chicago?" 
I gulped and looked at her, I let out a, "Thanks, and I just kind of wanted to start over." She nodded and said, "Oh wow u r only 18! You must have had some problems back there, huh?" I hated when people asked me such personal questions, but she seemed nice so I said, "A little just relationship issues and what not, no big deal." 
"Oh honey those are the worst," she said smiling and biting her lip. 
"Yeahhh," I said, "What brings U to Chicago?" 
"Business, the President and Governor are having a meeting there." Chelsey said while pulling out some papers. 
"Oh woah you must be important!" I said.
"I try to be sweetie, I'm only 24," she said pulling out a bottle of lip gloss and applying it to her lips. "Want some?" She said holding out the narrow pink tube. 
I held out my hand and gestured saying, "No thanks." She put it away and I pulled out my phone. Turning it on I couldn't bare to see the notifications I turned it on, 15 missed calls 13 voice messages and 20 texts all from Mick. I quickly shoved it in my pocket and tried to hide how scared I was, I leaned up against the back of the chair and imagined what Mick was doing now. He was probably furious I was kind of worried about my parents too. I had told them where I was going and the conditions I was under, they had reacted in shock and told me they were going to report him, but I stopped them I thought that would have been worse. I was kind of scared though he could be at my parents house with knife asking where I went. But no that couldn't be possible they were at my great grandmas house, and he didn't know where that was. I shivered off my fears and closed my eyes to take a nap. "Snacks? Snacks? Snacks? Does anyone want food?" I heard the flight attendant say while waking me up. I sat up and looked at her various snacks she had on the rolling table: pretzels, goldfish, swedishfish, sandwiches, apple juice, and cranberry juice. "Umm I'll have some apple juice, and some Swedish fish," I said looking at her. She took them off the tray and handed them to me. "$3.50." I took out my phone and slid of my phone case to get my money out. " "One Direction eh?" She asked. She was talking about my 1D duck tape on my phone. "Haha yes u could say I'm a bit of a directioner." 
"Oh honey I know how it is my daughter is says she's gonna marry them she's only 12." 
"I bet you have posters all over your room and kiss them too! Who's ur fave?"
"Haha I might," I said smiling, "and Niall."
"He's the blonde one right? I'm always forgetting."
"Yes." I said blushing and smiling at her while handing the money.
"Thanks hun, good luck to u and Niall:)" she said smirking and leaving.
"Niall huh?" Said Chelsey. "Ya." I said blushing. "I had an interview with them," she continued, "Such gents, it just so happens I have a signed Niall picture, would u like it?" 
"Of course!!!" I said. She handed it to me and I screamed and kissed it then stroked his autograph, "He really signed this?" I asked. "Of course he did!" She smiled. "It's like I'm holding him!" I put the pic in the clear plastic piece of my bag, so I could still see it, and opened my Swedish fish. "Ahh I'm so hungry!" I said pooling fish in my mouth then gulping down some apple juice. 
"I know right! We should be there soon like 2 hours." I nodded and opened my phone ignoring all the missed calls and opening up a game of Scribblenaughts. I woke up two hours later with Up all Night playing on my phone. I love that song. Chelsey patted me and said, "Wake up girlie it's time to get out of this stuffy plane and to the new home." I rubbed my eyes and sat up pausing my song. We both stood up and got our baggage. I walked down the carpeted hallway in my red converse. I walked out and felt the cold breeze sting my face. Chelsey walked with me to the taxi cabs and we talked about cats. Haha. 


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