Truly Madly Deeply

19 year old India is traveling to Chicago to get away from her abusive boyfriend. Little does India know she might meet a famous Niall Horan. Will India be able to escape abusive Mick and end up with the love of her life? Find out in this story.


10. Blush

Niall's pov
The light rushed on awaking me from sleep. I opened my eyes to see the figure of a girl lying next to me. Her lashes were pressed against her cheeks, and head rested on her arm. I remembered she was the one that I had found, the one that was hurt. Leaving her to her dreams I got up and walked out of the room. Harry was sitting drinking tea, and listening to music. Liam was singing along.         Harry walked up to me with a bagel in his mouth and asked, "Who was that girl in ur room-gulp- I've never sheen her before-swallow-."
        I smiled and blushed because I had NO I idea what to say.
    "I saved her after the tornado I guess and brought her here, she needed a place to sleep so I slept on the couch, and she had my bed."
Harry and Liam smirked, I couldn't tell if they knew that I fell asleep in the bed later or what but, I didn't want to ask.
      "So are you going to bring her back?"
     "I was going to try today but I really don't want to leave her."
I heard a yawn from upstairs so I began to whisper, "I've never felt this way before, please don't tell her I said that I'm very embarrassed."
   "Why are you embarrassed?"
    "I guess I just don't know how to act,"
Liam, Zayn, and Harry nodded a little bit confused.
   "Wait till I tell Louis, he's gonna freak, Niall's romantically interested!!" he screamed joking but I couldn't help but blush

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