You probably heard i'm a player. ( Dark Harry )

Harry Styles. The guy who can make a girl fall to her knees because he stares at her for three seconds. The guy who makes girls blush because of a simple wave. The guy who makes girls squeal because of his presence. The guy no girl can resist. Untill that one girl. Daisy. The girl he was willing to play THE game with..


6. You again.




I told him things i never ever told anyone. But why? I didn't even know him. He's just someone i'm playing a game with.. And still i tell him about my whole lifestory. Maybe it was because he listened maybe because i trusted him. I didn't know. He just had that thing that made me feel like home. Maybe he was different..




I grabbed another slice of pizza from the box and started to eat it when i noticed Daisy was staring at me. "What?" i asked laughing. "Since when is someone eating a slice of pizza interesting?" "Since it's the last slice!" she said just before grabbing the slice from my hands. "HEY! Give that back!" Laughing she stood up. "Or what?" "Or else this" I stood up and started to chase her around the area.


Everytime i came close to her she let out a cute little squeel and she ran just a bit harder. Which was probably hard on killer heels. After a while i got her. I put my hands around her waist making sure she couldn't get away. "Give it. Give me the pizza" "Never" I turned her around eand brought her to the ground ans started tickling her. "NOOO Harry don't please stop i can't" she said inbetween laughters. "" She raised her hand with the slice and pushed it into my face. "Ohh you did not just do that" i said trying to hold my laughter. "But what if i did?" she giggled. I brought my face close to hers. "Then this." I lightly kissed her on her lips to see if she would allow me to. She did. Daisy threw her hands around my neck and kissed me once again.




After a while of making out with Harry someone spoke up. "Styles. Didn't expect to see you here". Immediatly Harry got of me and looked the guy right in his face. "What do you want Tomlinson?" he growled at the strange and kind of scary dude. "So this is her? The girl you're going to play your little game with? Don't go with it sweetheart. You're not worth it to play the game with. He just wants to get in your pants. So he can say he shagged every girl in the area." It hurt. Even though deep inside i knew it was true. "ENOUGH" Harry screamed walking to "Tomlinson". "Listen Lou or you get the fuck away from here yourself or i will get you out of here." Harry sounded threatning. And truth is i was scared. Scared to death. "Don't worry Styles i'll go and let you have your lovely night with her. Good luck sweetcheeks. He'll dump you sooner or later." And with these words he turned around and got away.


Harry started walking towards me again but i walked away from him. " C'mon Daisy you're not seriously going to elieve what he said right? I already told we were going to play the full game not just one night!" Harry said raising his voice. " I'm not doing this anymore Harry. I'm going home and we never talk again? Clear?" I said with a stern but shaky voice. "No. not clear! We both agreed on this game and we are going to play it!" "No Harry! I'm not interested in your stupid little game anymore when all you care about is having the status of "the ultimate player". I'm done with this! Leave me alone okay?" And with that i left..





Oohh! Plot twist!


What needs to happen? 

Will the game continue?

Will they fall in love?



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