You probably heard i'm a player. ( Dark Harry )

Harry Styles. The guy who can make a girl fall to her knees because he stares at her for three seconds. The guy who makes girls blush because of a simple wave. The guy who makes girls squeal because of his presence. The guy no girl can resist. Untill that one girl. Daisy. The girl he was willing to play THE game with..


3. I'm not planning on letting you win!


After about an hour of questioning myself if i was really going to do this i decided i was. That douche will lose at his own game. That was it! He was going to lose. He would fall so hard for me. Boys are stupid. They get tricked easily. He would be mine before i knew it..


And with that i got ready for our first 'date' tonight. I pulled out a loose lace dress that matched with the sandals i bought yesterday. After that i curled my hair and braided it into a perfect bun. The make-up i was wearing was still pretty but i put on a little bit more eyeliner. In case you didn't know i'm addicted to eyeliner. Or actually every piece of make-up. I snapped out of my thought when the doorbell rang. Quickly i grabbed my stuff and shoved them into a bag. I ran of the stairs and opened the door. Harry was loosely leaning against the doorframe with a little smirk on his face. "You look good" he smiled. "Thankyou" i said with a fake blush giving him a kiss on his cheek. His face came close to my ear and he softly spoke. "I know what you're trying to do babe. And it won't work, i'm not planning on letting you win this". And with that he softly pecked my lips. I stared at him for a while and a smirk made it's way to his face. I could slap that little smirk of his face but didn't. Instead i brought my face close to his. "I'm not planning on letting you win either babe". I gave him a kiss on his nose not breaking eye contact. He grabbed my hand. "We should go". he said.



Do you guys still want me to update this story?

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