You probably heard i'm a player. ( Dark Harry )

Harry Styles. The guy who can make a girl fall to her knees because he stares at her for three seconds. The guy who makes girls blush because of a simple wave. The guy who makes girls squeal because of his presence. The guy no girl can resist. Untill that one girl. Daisy. The girl he was willing to play THE game with..


7. I'm done with this!




Of course i knew deep inside of me that i wasn't the girl Harry would play 'the game' with. But still it hurt. He had just used me, like i was a dog or something like that. I haven't talked to Harry in about three days. He had called and texted but i didn't answer to neither of those. I was so done with him. He was the past. He was gone..


"C'mon Milesss! I'm hungry! We can go to Topshop later!" i told my best friend who is always there for me; Miley. "Fineeee! But we are going there!" "Yes babe, we are i wouldn't go shopping without a Topshop trip! You know that." I dragged her into the little cafe close to the water. We always go to this cafe. It's cute and cosy. The owners know our daily order and they are always the nicest. 


Me and Miley just sat and talked for a while. Also about Harry. "What did even come inside of your mind when you said yes to the douche? You hate him Daise!" "He just pissed me off. And you know what i do when i'm pissed off" I told her taking a sip from my coffee. "Oohh.. Yes i do! You go all apeshit! And you do things you regret later." "And this was one of those things."


After a fun afternoon of shopping i returned home. Seeing Miley again was a lot of fun but exhausting. She literally drags you into every little shop she likes. Since my car was broken i had to walk home, bummer but it was okay. I plugged my earbuds in my ears and started playing Demi Lovato's "Here We Go Again".


All of a sudden i got pulled into a little alley by a strang figure. To prevend me from screaming that i was about to do the person covered my mouth. And pushed me against a wall. When i looked up it was Harry. I tried to push him of me but he wouldn't let go of me. I ripped my earbuds out. "! I'm done with you Harry! Didn't you hear me?! Do i need to spell it out for you! I'm DONE with you!" He looked impressed with my words for a while, but his face turned into anger soon enough. I tried to push him away again, but this time he grabbed my hands. Tight, really tight. He pushed them above my head and brought his head dangerously close to mine. "You're going to listen to me now love. We aren't done. The game has just started. And if you decide to quit it now; i will never ever leave you alone. Do you understand?" I looked down at the ground. This was a different side of Harry. A side i hadn't seen yet. A side that scared me. "I asked you a question?" I slightly nodded hoping he would let me go. "Good. So what's it's going to be?" he said finally letting my hands go. "Are you going to finish the game or not?" "I'll finish it" I whispered with a shaky voice. "Good girl" he said giving me a kiss on my cheek. "I'm sorry if i scared you babe. I just didn't want you to think i just did it to get in your pants. Because i didn't i really want to play the game with you." I nodded and smiled a bit. He seemd genuinly sorry for scaring me. "C'mon i'll take you home babe."



What did you guys think of this side from Harry?!


Is Daisy being smart?


I can't upload the next chapter if you guys don't tell me what i should do with the story so COMMENT! x



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