You probably heard i'm a player. ( Dark Harry )

Harry Styles. The guy who can make a girl fall to her knees because he stares at her for three seconds. The guy who makes girls blush because of a simple wave. The guy who makes girls squeal because of his presence. The guy no girl can resist. Untill that one girl. Daisy. The girl he was willing to play THE game with..


4. Giving up already, huh?



The car ride was silent most of the time. It was a nice silence though. Daisy was slowly humming along to the song that the radio was playing. And i, well i just drove to the special place. The place i brought all my girls. And they all loved it. This was the place where they all fell head over heels in love with me. And Daisy would just be the next girl. I was so going to win this game. Girls are all the same. Within no time she'll beg me to sleep with her. She'll fall in love with me just like all the others. 




I knew exactly what he was doing. But i was also going to play his little stupid game. He still thinks nobody knows about 'his place'. The place he brings all his girls. And all the girls are the same. They love it because the stars shine bright there and Harry acts all lovey dovey and shit. It wasn't going to work. But he would think it was. He's so stupid and he'll lose before he even knows it.




I pulled the car over at the usual place. I jumped out of the car and helped her out. "This looks amazing!" she said with a big bright smile on her face. It made her whole face light up she looked absolutely gorgeous. No Harry. Focus and stop. She's just the next girl you get in bed. And when you do you've had every girl around town. "Harry? Are you okay?" Daisy said looking worried. "Yes of course! I'm fine" i said with a smile. She pulled me into a hug. "This is amazing Harry. I love it". I hugged her snuggling my head into her neck. When we both pulled away she lightly kissed my cheek. It made me blush. Not a big blush.. But it was a Real blush. Something that hadn't happened in a while..


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