You probably heard i'm a player. ( Dark Harry )

Harry Styles. The guy who can make a girl fall to her knees because he stares at her for three seconds. The guy who makes girls blush because of a simple wave. The guy who makes girls squeal because of his presence. The guy no girl can resist. Untill that one girl. Daisy. The girl he was willing to play THE game with..


8. Cold as ice.





Harry kept acting strange. He wasn't that nice boy that he acted like the past few weeks. Everytime i said or asked him something he would reply short and bitchy most of the time. Today wasn't different.  He had come to my house, just like everyday. He didn't text or call , he just came.




The backdoor opened and closed quickly after, and Harry walked into the room. He quickly brushed past me hiding his face from me. "Goodmorning to you to" i mumbled under my breath. But he heard me, and he walked towards me still with his head down. Harry grabbed my hands and looked up at me, with a face full of bruises. "Don't talk back to me like that. I've told you multiple times!" I quickly nodded hoping he'd let me go. Slowly he made his way back to the couch. I followed him grabbing his face closely studying the bruises. "What happened?" i whispered. "Nothing" he replied. "For god's sake Harry i'm not stupid you know? You don't get this from walking into a door!" "Fine, i had a fight! Happy now?" he spat in my face. A little scared i slowly backed away. He tilted his head back and moaned in pain. Quickly i got up and grabbed a cold cloth from the kitchen, walking back to him. He looked up when i came back and smiled a little. "Why are you so nice, you make this game very hard y'know?" "You win a game like this faster when you don't do anything that could make the other think differently about you" i chuckled. Carefully i pressed the cloth against his bruised cheek. "I guess you're right" he said in thoughts. His hand grabbed his shirt squeezing it in pain. With my free hand i carefully stroked his. "I know it hurts but you'll thank me after, i promise." He nodded and gave me a weak smile.


After a while i removed the cloth. "Better?" i asked him. "Much better" he smiled. I brought the cloth back to the kitchen. When i walked back into my livingroom Harry was laying spread out on the couch with his hand on his bruised cheek. "Love Actually?" i said grabbing the movie. "Sure always up for a good chickflick." Harry said with a sarcastic tone to his voice. "Oh shut it Styles" i said pushing the dvd in. I walked towards the other couch since Harry was spread out on the other. "Where are you going?" he questioned. "To the couch?" i said lightly chuckling. "Couple remember? That also includes cuddling underneath movies." "I'm afraid we won't end this movie with 'cuddling'." I laughed. "That's the whole point of watching movies love." he smiled. I  doubted for a while but then igrabbed the remote and walked towards him cuddling into his chest and starting the movie.



I'm SO sorry i haven't updated! I was sick and had lots of homework but i'll start updating again! What do you guys think of this chapter? Please give me some feedback!

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