Vincent's Mind

For the More Than This Competition. Vincent Van Gogh's life is so unbearable that unknowingly he created a world that is entirely his own. He doesn't know what is real and what is not. Constantly he asks himself if there is more to his life than this. He has to cope with Manic Depression through his life in the 19th Century which ulimatley stops him from seeing life for what what it really is. He stumbles through the world making mistakes which aren't really his fault, but he thrives through the madness and produces the best artwork our world has seen to date. Guaranteed to change your view on the greatest artist known to man.


6. 27th July 1890

Vincent had survived a lot of things in his life, which included cutting his own ear off and two years in a mental asylum. Both experiences damaged him in ways beyond his physical state. And now he is at the final chapter of his story.


Lying amongst the golden wheat crops, Vincent sat watching the burning bright stars in the sky. He remembered how much he liked to paint them. In his hand he felt the smooth cold metal of his gun, but he didn’t know why it was there. He didn’t remember bringing it.


And that’s when he saw them, the same thing that haunted him twenty-six years ago. Stormy grey eyes floated in the sky. And once again they were beside him, watching him with pity. They were no longer angry but sad, and brimming with sorrow. Vincent flashed back to when this happened in the grave yard, when he was nothing more than a lost child.


Crops began to tangle around his feet and they tied his wrists to the ground. He was just as terrified as he was all those years ago. His lungs were ablaze as he screamed for God to save him, and he thrashed violently desperately trying to escape. The same blood stained arm crushed his throat resulting in silence from the victim. His face inflamed, and he slowly suffocated.


His last seconds were near. His gun started moving and it rose above him. His mind pleaded for it to be over. And he didn’t have to wait any longer. The bullet shot him straight in the heart. His life was finally over; there was nothing more than this.

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