Wanting you beside me

After accidentally killing her mother, Emma is sent to a mental hospital however, escapes on the search for her old home and what ever did happen to her mother


4. The Night of the Escape

The morning came and the only thing on my mind was tonight. If we failed, there would be serious consequences. We would be whipped, beaten or other tremendous injuries which I didn't want to think about.

We went through the daily routine of getting dressed, having 5 minutes to eat my breakfast, cleaning, scrubbing and helping cook out in the kitchen. I seemed to be in a daze today, not working as much as I should be. Several members of staff noticed and I was whipped a couple of times. Not severely but it still stung my cheek for several hours. I just wanted the night to come so we could escape this torturous place. I met Charlotte in the hallway and we glanced up at each other. I suddenly burst out laughing and couldn't control myself. I don't know why I was laughing as tonight would be no laughing matter.

After a while, I had to stop laughing because a member of staff came round the corner and I didn't fancy another whipping.

The night came within hours and I started to feel my heart pounding from inside my chest. Charlotte walked through the door and I could tell by her face that she was just as nervous as me. We clambered into bed just a usual with nobody else knowing a thing. I think if we did tell anybody, even somebody we trusted, the news would somehow spread and we would end up in serious trouble.

It took a while for somebody to come round and check on us and by that time, the other four girls were asleep without a single clue they would hopefully find two less people tomorrow morning. I froze as soon as I heard the handle door creak as it moved. I held my breath hoping he wouldn't realise we were awake. He walked round and I could smell his foul breath wafting in the air beside me.

Once he left, I waited a few minutes and the whispered


A small faint whisper could be heard from the other side of the room which gave me the notice that she was still awake. She moved and I saw her climbing out of bed so I did the same, not daring to make a single sound in case I woke up any other of the girls. I put a spare pair of clothes and pyjamas over the top of me so wouldn't have to carry anything. I was a bit bulked up but still able to move and it was better than carrying it.

Once Charlotte had done the same, we each took a deep breath and I felt the cold air from the hallway as the door opened.

It was harder to find our way round at night as there were no lights on so we had to use the moonlight as our guidance. Charlotte seemed to know where she was going but I would always keep turning down the wrong hallways and doors. I felt as if we were going round in circles but each room looked the same in the day let alone at night and I trusted Charlotte with my life. The office which held the keys seemed to be a long way from our dormitory and I was surprised Charlotte seemed to know where it was a she only had been there once or twice.

We had been walking round stealthily for about a minute when small footsteps could be heard from the distance. I almost burst into tears when I heard them because if we were caught, we might as well be as good as dead. Charlotte pulled me round a corner and I fell flat against the wall, holding my chest in. I felt like I was hiding from the murderer that night my mother died. Maybe I would end up in that same sticky end like she did if we were caught but the figure was getting closer and I threw that out of my mind.

I poked my head round the corner because I couldn't hear anything when somebody bumped into me and this person and I fell over making a loud crash.

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