Wanting you beside me

After accidentally killing her mother, Emma is sent to a mental hospital however, escapes on the search for her old home and what ever did happen to her mother


2. The Hospital

My heart sank. I couldn't be metal though. I didn't mean to kill my mother. I mean who would? And how did they know what had happened? Surely no one saw it and if they did they would have seen the man too?!

Two men were stood behind the gate as if they were waiting for me. One of the men opened the door by one of the many keys from round his neck. I walked behind not wanting to be dragged anymore and stopped when they opened the main entrance door.

Inside was just as grey and gloomy as the out. Endless corridors with many doors leading off from them. I was taken down many corridors losing track of where I had been and finally came to a door. As soon as it was opened, five or six heads turned to look at me.

Once they saw who it was, they didn't seem interested and they turned back to what they were doing. All but one. A girl with short, scruffy strawberry blonde hair smiled at me. She had a warm smile and I had to smile back.

"Hi I'm Charlotte!"

"I'm Emma." I replied back shyly.

But that was the end of our conversation. The man gave me two sets of identical clothes; I changed into one and placed the other on my neatly-made bed. The man left, slamming the door and leaving silence behind him.

"So why are you here?" Charlotte looked at me curious.

"I killed my mum."

Everyone looked round and several people gasped.

"I didn't mean to though. It was an accident" I told them my story of how I lost my beloved mother. The room was silent as they listened to my every word.

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