Wanting you beside me

After accidentally killing her mother, Emma is sent to a mental hospital however, escapes on the search for her old home and what ever did happen to her mother


5. The Boy

"I... I... can explain sir." I stuttered as I rose to my feet again. I looked up expecting to feel a strong whip against my cheek but it wasn't a member of staff. A boy around my age was just visible in front of me.

"Shh and there is no need to explain." He said.

He had a deep voice, blackish hair which blended in with the darkness and beautiful, bright blue eyes. I guess you could say he was handsome.

Charlotte stepped forward putting her hand on her hips.

"And may I ask what you are doing going round the home at this time of night?" She said trying to sound cocky.

"I could ask you the same." He replied back. "I'm Peter." He stuck his hand out in front of me and I shook it politely. He didn't shake Charlotte's hand.

I pulled us behind the wall so we wouldn't get caught but I'm surprised when me and Peter fell over, nobody came running to see what the noise was.

"Are you alright? You took quite a tumble." I asked. He looked up and down himself nodded and asked me the same.

"You never answered my question." Charlotte said. "Why are you running about the home at this time of night?" For some reason, she gave Peter a sharp piercing look so I nudged her to stop the way she was acting.

"Getting far away as possible from here. I'm guessing you are doing the same." He looked at us waiting for an answer.

I nodded and Peter began to move in the direction we were heading.

"Come on then if you are coming?" We paced behind him, eyes open for anybody else.

"Weren't you heading the other way? The way we came from. Were we going the wrong way?" I asked confused.

"No you were going the right way. I had to head back on myself because I think I heard somebody coming. That’s why I was in a hurry and bumped into you."

I relaxed a little as I thought were just going round in circles.

Peter seemed to take the lead now with Charlotte at the back, silent and grumpy. I didn't want to ask what was wrong at the moment as I had other things on my mind than other people feelings.

After a little while, we reached a door which was slightly bigger than the others and I knew this must be it. Charlotte grabbed the door handle, pulled it down and gave the door a shove. It didn't budge. She tried again making a lot of noise this time but the door stayed where it was.

"Here let me try." Peter offered but Charlotte was determined to do it.

"It's no use." I said begging Charlotte to stop because at this point she was making a lot of noise knocking herself against a metal door.

She finally gave up, out of breath a little but she became silent as a noise was heard from down the long corridor. I gasped as the noise came clearer and it was obvious it was footsteps. We ran for our lives, not wanting to be caught and at last, the footsteps became fainter and vanished. We were hid round a corner so I could sit on the floor, catch my breath back and hold my side because I had a bad stitch.

"That was close." I said as my breathing started to slow down.

"Too close." Said Peter

When we finally plucked up the courage to head back for the door, we were quieter and aware of things around us. Luckily it silent and our light footsteps was the only thing that could be slightly heard.

The grey door soon stood in front of us once again and I sighed because I forgot that the door was locked and it seemed impossible to open it without a key. I put my hand on the door handle, pulled it down and the door swung open!

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