Wanting you beside me

After accidentally killing her mother, Emma is sent to a mental hospital however, escapes on the search for her old home and what ever did happen to her mother


3. Life In My New Home

Every day was the same. We woke up at 6:00am and had to be ready within 20 minutes. We went downstairs for breakfast which included of gruel and milk. Once finished, we had a little section of the building in which we would have to clean. We worked for 10 hours each day just cleaning and occasionally having sessions with tutor.

Sessions were the only good part of the weeks. We had 1 hour with them once a week. They were to help you with your frustration, relieve your anger or something like that but they never helped me. I guess they wouldn't though because I didn't need to be here. It was just an accident. The day of the sessions was a lot more interesting because we were in different parts of the building each time. Despite it still being dark and grey, it was a different scene to look at. Also my mentor was lovely. We sometimes had a laugh about and she was kind. Unlike everybody else here. She and Charlotte seemed like they were the only friendly people there.

Charlotte and I became good friends. We stuck together occasionally getting into mischief and having to work an extra hour however, it was worth it as life was plain boring. Charlotte never did tell me why she was here but I didn't dare ask as it may upset her otherwise she probably would have told me by now.

I found Charlotte scrubbing the floor, when I walked past going to the kitchen to help out with the cook and her dress was almost completely soaked at the bottom. She stood up, rung her dress out and several drops of water fell on to the wet floor.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Help cook out." I sighed. There wasn't much to do in the kitchen and the cook was like a beast so it was scary to be around him. He always carried a knife with him and didn't ever put it down. Somehow I don't think he uses the knife just for cutting up food

A few hours later, Charlotte came in too and told me, I had to see my tutor. She was stood outside waiting for me. She took me to a room where I had never been before and started asking me questions about my life. I didn't really want to talk about it as tears came to my eyes and I didn't like to cry in front of people other than my mother. But now I don't have her comforting arms around me and telling me it will be alright and it was my entire fault. Tears streamed down my face and onto the table making a tiny puddle. Warm hands touched my cheek and wiped away the tears. She reminded me so much of my own mother; it made me cry even more.

Once I had stopped, I retold the story of the tragic night of my mother’s death and about the stranger in our house. She then asked me about my dad but I didn't know what to say. He ran away when I was newborn leaving my mother to cope with me alone. But that was all I knew. To be honest, he could be dead.

I walked back to my dormitory thinking about my session. Did I want to see my dad again? Maybe not after what he done to my mother. But perhaps he had changed and was sorry for what he had done. I thought to myself, "When I finally get out of this place, I am going to find him." However I wanted to find the villain that killed my poor mother. But I needed to escape. It was tricky but not impossible although it might be impossible to do it on my own. Maybe Charlotte would be willing to come. She seemed up for anything and I think anybody would want to escape this so-called home.

I spoke to her when we had 20 minutes until we had to sleep. Most girls were already asleep but we still spoke quietly.

"Tomorrow night, we escape." I explained. "Just you and me. It would be easy."

She seemed eager to come and I was pleased with her reaction. We spoke about where the keys were, when we would make a run and most of all, how. Tomorrow night, we would go to bed as normal and wait for a member of staff to come by and check on us. We would then both wait for midnight to strike and find our way to the office with all the keys in. However somebody always worked in there and it might be locked so it would be tricky however not impossible. We would grab the keys and make a run out into the open and free.

We went through our plan once more and went to bed, anxious about tomorrow.

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