Wanting you beside me

After accidentally killing her mother, Emma is sent to a mental hospital however, escapes on the search for her old home and what ever did happen to her mother


7. Free

A week went past and we were still locked in the cellar. Someone came up to give us a small portion of food barely enough to feed us both. We were given a few cups of dirty water each and our bucket was emptied out once every two days. I was beginning to wonder if we would die of starvation but I'm not sure if they would let that happen.

I woke to a rattling outside the bars and looked out the window thinking it was morning and they were bringing our small breakfast but it was still dark outside. A small familiar figure was stood outside, trying to force a key into the lock.

"Peter!" I said shocked that he had come back for us. After all these days, I thought he had just forgotten about us or he only helped us because we could help him escape.

I woke Charlotte up as the door was opening and we quietly walked down the staircase finding the main door. For some reason, I seemed more hopeful about us finding our way out because we had the key and it just seemed easier than before.

"Which way is the exit? How did you get the keys? Where did you go?" My mind was buzzing with questions but realised this wasn't the best time to ask them.

"I'll tell you everything once we are out." Said Peter turning his head to make sure we were both still behind him.

"That's if we make it out." Charlotte said.

I gave a glare in her direction for acting so negative. Of course we would make it out. Wouldn't we?

Unsurprisingly, there was several staff on duty checking on everyone and probably now looking out for escapees. Wouldn't they soon notice Peter was gone? Perhaps they already have which makes us dead meat. I told Peter to hurry up and we broke into a run, Peter in the lead.

"Do you actually know where we are going?" I asked.

"Not a clue." Said Peter. "Just improvising and hoping for the best."

I didn't think this was the best option considering the fact that the building was massive but it seemed our only way we had.

After a few more minutes of running down several corridors and through more doors, I began to notice where we were. I thought we were by our dormitory however, Charlotte didn't recognize it despite most corridors were practically identical. There were no people working and no staff down here unlike our section of the building and suddenly knew where we must be.

"We are near the main door!" I shrieked a little too loudly and I had to turn round to make sure nobody had heard but all was quiet except for us moving about.

I hadn't been anywhere in this whole building except for our dormitory, we weren't there because Charlotte didn't notice it and there was nobody there working, the office with the keys in, apparently according to Peter, that was in the boys half of the building and he would of recognized it and the cellar but we were far from there.

"We must be by the main entrance then because I hadn't been anywhere else throughout my entire year of being here. Despite it being a year ago, I somehow recognized it clearly like it was only yesterday.

I lead Charlotte and Peter down a few more corridors until we came to a large black door.

"This is it!" I said.

"Which key opens it though?" Said Charlotte sighing. "There must be at least 50 keys on there and only one fits that door."

"Perhaps it's similar to the handle. Maybe it's black." Said Peter. It seemed most logic so I agreed.

There were 3 black keys and like Peter said one of them fitted the door and it swung open. I was the first time I had felt the fresh air since I had been here and it was luxurious. I was a bright sunny day and the sun was gleaming down with a cool breeze on top. We still had the gate to get through but I knew we could do it. We were so close. Freedom was almost there.

"ESCAPEES! ESCAPEES! David! This way. It's them three again!" He looked round the corner to see if David was coming which gave us a head start to reach the gate. He was several metres away from us but I was nowhere near as confident as I was five seconds ago.

Surprisingly, there was only one padlock on the gate which was huge which made it obvious which key fitted. Peter fiddled round trying to put it in the lock and my heart was pounding every step the men took.

"Hurry up!" Charlotte screamed. I wanted to scream at Peter too but I knew I had to keep my cool. The gate door swung open just as they reached us and Peter slammed the gate shut on their faces helping us get away. We ran for our lives like night first attempt to escape but this time, we could run anywhere not just in one line and the wind was blowing in our faces. The men lost speed after a while and began to lose us but I didn't want to stop in case they found us.

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