Wanting you beside me

After accidentally killing her mother, Emma is sent to a mental hospital however, escapes on the search for her old home and what ever did happen to her mother


8. Finding sources

We were running for about half an hour until we stopped into a quick pace. I began to catch my breath back whilst looking around. I had forgotten how beautiful and colourful the outside world really was. Being inside a grey building, it made everything seem more tranquil. We were in the middle of nowhere so nobody was around. A few carriages passed but when they did, we hid just in case they did recognize the clothes.

"We need to find shelter. Preferably by a river with drinkable enough water." Said Peter and he ran further down the field looking for a hint of water.

"We did it." I said to Charlotte. "We're free" Isn't it wonderful?"

She nodded and ran on. Charlotte seemed strange around Peter. No her usual bubbly self. I shrugged it off still to over whelmed that we were out. I ran on trying to find where Peter had gone and found him by a barn.

"I found shelter." He said walking in behind me. There were no animals but a big stack of hay which we could all sleep on.

"Any water around?" I asked.

"Haven't checked yet." Said Peter. "But there are edible berries around which we could eat for a while."

I looked at Peter and smiled because he knew so much about living in the wild and thought that maybe without him, me and Charlotte could be close to death in a week.

"I'll go look for water." Said Charlotte and she stood up and left the barn.

"How did you get the keys then?" I asked. "Tell me everything."

"I did exactly what we did a week before but more aware and was more careful in what I did."

"Where were the keys?" I asked.

"Behind a bookcase. Not a wardrobe." He said a laughed.

I giggled too but felt a bit mean laughing at Charlotte.

"I couldn't stand the thought of you being in there. I knew what it would be like. So I plucked up the courage to come and get you again."

"Then why did you run off the night we were caught?"

"Because I knew that that would happen if you were caught. You would be put a cellar and I could come back for you. They didn't realise I was with you too the night we were caught so they had no idea what we had done. I was surprised that you were put in together and not in separately. I would have come for you first in case I was caught and only had chance to rescue one."

I looked up at Peter and smiled. He looked back at me, gazing into my eyes. He leaned in closer and I stood up feeling myself flush red.

"I'm going to find some berries." Said Peter and he too left the barn.

Did he try to kiss me? I like Peter but not like that. I have only known him for a week but I have heard a phrase before; love at first sight. Maybe it was. Peter was a sweet boy who would probably risk his life for me. He probably already has. Taking the keys and knowing the risk. I thought about it for a moment and jumped when Charlotte walked in shaking her head.

"The only thing I found was a murky lake which was too dirty to drink. Where's Peter?"

"Gone to find some berries." I wanted to tell Charlotte, Peter and my moment but felt that I shouldn't and put it to the back of my mind for the time being. I stood up and started to rearrange the pile of hay into equal three stacks for us to sleep in.

Around half an hour later, Charlotte dozed off on one of the hay stacks and Peter came back with enough berries to last a few days.

"How did you carry all of these?" I asked, shocked.

"Not sure to be honest." He replied

I laughed and made Charlotte stir.

"Did she find water?" Peter asked.

"No. Well she did but it was too dirty to drink." I said.

"Good job I did then." Said Peter sighing and looking at Charlotte. "Exactly what has she done today?" Here is us working really hard, tiding up the barn, sorting everything out and finding food and water and all she has done is had an evening stroll looking out for a river and sleep." He seemed quite annoyed but I didn't blame him as he was right.

"How far away is the stream?" I asked as I was quenched.

"A few metres down west." Said Peter pointing in the direction. "I'll show you."

He put the berries down on a hay stack, declared it his and walked out of the barn and I followed.

"If there is a barn." I began. "Where are the animals?"

"I don't know. The barn could be abandoned." Said Peter.

"Would they come charging at us in the night?" I asked sounding a bit stupid.

Peter laughed. "No and plus we are going to have somebody keep watch at night and sleep during the day. Charlotte can be first tonight seeing as she is asleep now. I'll go the night after than you can after me."

I agreed just as we arrived at a fairly clean stream.

"It's fine to drink. Don't worry; you aren't going to become ill from it. But what are we going to hold it in?"

"I can weave." I said but it will take me a few hours to do so."

"Will it be tight enough to stop most of the water from dripping out?" Asked Peter.

"It depends on what it is made from and we can put leaves at the bottom too."

I washed my face to freshen myself up, had a drink and went to find some vines. I found some which were strong and there was enough to make a basket with. I brought back to the barn more than enough than I needed and began on my work.

Within a few hours, a neatly woven basket stood before me.

"Finished!" I said proudly.

Peter came in with some leaves to put on the bottom and gasped in delight.

"It's perfect!" He said and I smiled because Charlotte too liked it. We placed the leaves neatly at the bottom and it was complete.

"Let's test it out." Said Charlotte walking towards the stream.

It held the water perfectly with only a few drops falling out by the time we reached back to the barn leaving us with a decent supply of water and food. I smiled because I just knew that everything would be alright.

I decided to decorate the basket and make it look pretty. I looked around for some flowers to slip in the basket edges. There weren't many flowers around where our barn was, so I went further out and found a little patch of unfamiliar flowers. There was enough to put around the circumference of the basket slipping the stem into the small holes. It took quite a while because they sometimes fell out or the stem was too small.

Once I had finally finished it, I stood up and stared at it pleased with my work. Mother had taught me how to weave and sew and it had come in handy. To be honest, I don't know what we would do without my basket because Peter nor Charlotte knew how to weave. Charlotte didn't really do much or help but I couldn't just make her leave because she was my friend and had nowhere to go.

The sun started to set and knew I should my way back to make sure Peter and Charlotte were ok and I was on lookout tonight. I picked up the basket and headed back the way I came. I was walking only for a few minutes and realised that I didn't really know my way back. I was too busy looking out for flowers; I wasn't really taking notice of where I was going. I carried walking, hoping for the best only recognizing a few places.

It started to become late and thought I should just rest here and find my back tomorrow. What about Charlotte and Peter though. Would they be worried about me? I was worried about them. What if something happened to them? Would they know what to do? Peter might but Charlotte wouldn't have a clue. I decided not to worry about them too much because after all, my safety was my biggest priority. I had the basket to collect water but didn't know which berries were edible. Peter always collected the berries. They needed the basket to collect water and without a container, they could dehydrate as I didn't know how long it would take to get back. I found a stream with water clean enough to drink but didn't bother to pick any berries in case they were poisonous and found a soft patch of grass. I laid down staring at the night sky.

"I love you mother." I whispered because I knew she was looking down at me. That was the last thing I remembered as I fell asleep

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