Wanting you beside me

After accidentally killing her mother, Emma is sent to a mental hospital however, escapes on the search for her old home and what ever did happen to her mother


6. Captured!

"Whoever the footsteps belonged to, they must've opened the door and not relocked it!" I said almost jumping up and down in joy.

"If we did manage to open the door when it was locked, we would have had no hope as whoever opened the door would have had the key." Said Charlotte and I jumped because I had almost forgotten she was there as she had barely spoke since Peter arrived.

I thought about and knew she was probably right. What if the keys were still with the person? How would we get out then as there was a giant barbed wire metal gate outside too and there was no way I was climbing over that?

We walked inside, searching around for the keys.

"They would be behind here, if anywhere because that time I came in here, this man put them on a hook behind there."

Charlotte pointed to a wardrobe with a small gap behind it. She was right there was a hook where the keys would be however, there were no keys hanging on it.

"What do we do now?" I ask.

"Carry on looking," Peter said. "They could have been moved."

We carried on searching for another five minutes but eventually gave up when we had looking in every corner and behind every furniture. Charlotte stomped her foot in anger, hitting the desk and an empty cup fell on the floor and smashed into tiny pieces. It reminded me of the vase I accidentally hit the night my mother died and tears welled up in my eyes at the thought of that night. I couldn't cry now, not as more important things were going on so I shook them away and listened out for any noise in the corridors.

"Oy! Who's there?"

We all stared outside the door in horror. We were caught! I didn't hesitate even for a moment and I began to run for my life away from the man who was becoming closer and closer to us.

Peter began to take the lead, taking us in doors and down corridors. I couldn't see very well as the moon had seemed to have disappeared behind the clouds and the light wasn't as bright as before.

I could now feel the man's hot breath tickling the back of my neck and it turned around to find he was inches away from me. When I turned round again, Peter had gone and was no longer to be seen.

"Where did he go?" I asked Charlotte.

"Not sure. I turned round with you only to find he had disappeared."

My stitch was starting to come back and it started to slow me down from the pain and Charlotte seemed to be lagging from speed too. I knew I was too slow when I felt a giant hand clasp my shoulder and violently pull me back.

Moments later, Charlotte was stood beside me also with the man's large hand on her shoulder.

"Sir..." I began

"Shut up and not another word from the both of you!" He said spit spraying in my face.

There was no way I could run away because he had me in a firm grip and I was just too tired to run. I thought about Peter as we were being taken somewhere.

"Did he leave us or maybe he was just trying to protect himself? I was wrong to trust him. I had only known him for about an hour."

I soon realised we weren't being taken back to our dormitories when we went up a long, narrow staircase. I should've known really as we were breaking the biggest rule in the house. Escaping.

We came to a cellar-like place, we were both pushed inside and I fell to the floor, grazing my knee slightly. It was dark and once again we had to rely on the moonlight but there was no mistaking the key being twisted to lock us in and the man walked back down the stairs, his footsteps echoing on each step.

"How long are we in here, Emma?" Charlotte asked me. "And what about food and water?"

"They're bound to bring us food and water as they aren't allowed to kill us and who knows how long we are here for."

The room was dusty and had one single, small, shabby blanket barely big enough to cover one of us, let alone two. There was a fairly big bucket for a toilet and a small barred window high up to let a little light in.

I shivered as it was a bitterly cold night and the wind was wisping through the small open window letting in a surprisingly lot of wind and air. I turned round to crawl onto the cold floor under the ragged blanket only to find Charlotte was already asleep using the entire blanket. I didn't want to wake her as she seemed peaceful but freezing and wanted her to have the blanket so she wouldn't catch anything so I curled up in the corner, closed my eyes and fell asleep within the next five minutes...

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