The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


5. why

*Elle's pov*

The night drew closer and we huddled together. The 5 of us. 
"I know a railway bridge we can stay at night. No trains go on it" George said. We had learnt each others names. I am Elle of course and I am 14. George is 17. Emily is 14. Tess is 6. Justin is 16. 
"Ok can we go to the shop and get a lighter to make a fire, get food, water?" I asked.
We all agreed and Emily carried Tess most of the way because her stomach hurt. We arrived at the supermarket and saw a girl lying in the car park. We let George and Justin go to buy the stuff. I let Emily and Tess talk for a bit while I walked over to the girl lying on the floor.
"Are you okay?" I asked poking her with my foot. 
Her eyes were open and then she smiled.
"I am fine" She replied.
"What are you doing her it is dark?" I asked her.
"I ran away." She stated.
"Okay join the rest of us." I said we both laughed.
She got up and followed me. George and Justin walked out of the shop with like 4 shopping bags each.
"Hi this is Emily. Tess, Justin, George and I am Elle" I said pointing to each of us. 
"I am Tara. I am 14" She replied.
"Well Join the runaways." Justin said.
"What did you buy and how much did you spend?" Emily asked shocked.
"We brought burgers, rolls, bread, cookies, sausages, Krave(Cereal. try it if you haven't it is amazing), lighter, water, juice, WKD, disposable bbq and fizzy" Justin replied.
"It cost £95.99" George said.
"WOW" Emily said.
"Who paid for it?" I asked.
"I did" George said. "I had the money it was fine" He added.
"Ok" Tara said.
"Lets go to the bridge" Justin said.
"Em I am hungry" Tess complained.
"Ok darling it isn't far now" Emily said picking Tess up.
We walked in silence to the Bridge. When we arrived it was almost completely dark.

"Rhys's pov*
I pulled myself up and looked right. There was 6 people walking towards me. 
"I am tired and hungry" A little girl complained.
"We are here now" A older girl said.
"Who is that?" A boy asked.
"I don't know" a different boy said.
They waled right up to me.
"Who are you?" A boy asked.
"I am Rhys" I said.
"You look young why are you here?" A girl said.
"Ran away" I said.
"OK You wanna join us." A girl asked.
"Yeah sure. Did you all run away too?" I asked.
They all replied yes. 
After they told me who they are I helped them get the bbq out of a bag.
Justin light the bbq and we watched as the flames danced at the bottom. 
"We are having burgers" George said.

*Emily's pov*
We all sat around the warm bbq and waited for our food. None of us had eaten all day.
"Why did you guys run away?" I asked.
They all just shrugged.
"Fine Elle first." I said. 
"Fine my dad beats me and I wear make-up to cover up the bruises but I always get called a fake, whore" Elle said looking around nervously.
"Take your make-up off" George  said.
George crawled over to Elle pinned her down playfully and used her make-up wipes to get the make-up off. When he got off her she had a black eye, cut lip, cut forehead and a red cheek.
"Oh babe your dad is a faggot" I said placing my hands over Tess's ears when I said faggot.
"What about you George?" Elle said.
George wrapped his arm around Elle and they got closer. 
"What about me?" He asked clueless.
"Why did you run?" I asked.
"Because my sister killed her self and my mum blamed it on me. She blames everything on me and I had had enough" George replied.
"What about you, Tara?" Elle asked. 
"I got beat the shit out of at school and I guess I got bored of it." Tara said laughing at the end.
We all laughed at the end part.
"What about you Justin?" Tara asked.
"My foster family hate me and tried to get me kicked out. They said they didn't want me so I left. Simple as." Justin said. "Rhys's?" 
"My dad tried to kill me. He also killed my mum by beating her and my sister died last week and my girlfriend died yesterday." Rhys explained quickly.
"Oh dude your dad is a massive cock." George said.
"What about you Emily?" Rhys said.
"Hold that thought I have food." Justin said handing out burgers.
We all took a bite of our food and then everyone starred at me.
"My mum beat me and Tess. She also beat my brother but someone found and and she killed him and told everyone he ran away. My dad died four years ago and now my mum sleeps with a different guy every night." I explained.

*Justin's pov* 
I left the bbq to go out and we were left sat in complete darkness. I knew George and Elle were getting close. I took my bag off my shoulder for the first time today and went through it to get my phone. It was an Iphone. I pulled up my torch and laid my phone in the middle of our circle. 
"Go to sleep please Tess" Emily said quietly. 
I noticed Tara was shaking. I walked over to her and took off my jacket and placed it on her. I also place my arm around her waist. She leaned her head on me and closed her eyes. I starred at the stars as everyone started to fall asleep. Rhys had been sat my himself but Tess crawled over to him. 
"Tess get back here." Emily said following her.
"It is fine" Rhys said. 
"Sorry she doesn't get out much or see other people." Emily replied.
Them 2 started talking about Tess and little kids. It turned into what they wanted to work as. Emily said nursery teacher and Rhys said lifeguard.
It all went silent when suddenly a phone went off. It came from Elle's bag.  She looked around nervously before trying to find it. 
"It's my dad" She said crying.  
"Just put it on silent and leave it." George said.
"O-okay" Elle stuttered.
She threw her phone back in her bag and started talking to George quietly.  

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