The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


4. Tess

*Rhys's pov*

I woke up and wiped my tear stained cheeks. I pulled my self up and grabbed my school bag. I was about to leave when my dad walked in.
"Don't you ever talk to me like you did yesterday." My dad yelled.
"Oh whatever." I said pushing past him.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He had a tight grip on my arm.
"Don't you push me." My dad shouted.
I shoved him into the wall and ripped my arm out of his grip. My dad looked me in the eye and pinned me up against the wall by my neck. He punched me in the face several times before letting me fall to the floor. He kicked me in the gut and walked out of the room. For a minute I was happy he was gone but he did return. Only this time he had a gun. He put it to my head and I just sat there. If I died I would be with my sister, mum and girlfriend. I waited as he pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. It was empty. I pushed my dad to the floor and quickly pulled him to the top of the stairs.
"Sorry" I whispered as Kicked him in the gut.
I ran to my dads room grabbed £61 and then grabbed some more clothes and shoved them in my bag.
I walked over to my dad and he threw the gun at me and it hit my eye. I Ra down the stairs and out the door leaving my dad lying at the top of the stairs. I ran to a near railway bridge. I sat on the bridge and thought about how my dad just tried to kill me. I almost died. I am 15 and almost died.

*Emily's pov*

I woke up on the cold hard floor. I heard my mum shouting at my sister.
"You worthless little whore" My mum shouted.
I heard her chucked something and my sister cried. I crawled towards the door to help my sister. My mum came storming up the stairs and swung the door open. 
"You and your sister are worthless little whores" My mum spat kicking me in the gut.
I crawled down the stairs and saw my sister lying there she needed help. If I get help for her I will die. My mum will find out and kill me. She lay in a pool of blood.  The rope had been untied at one end but she still had rope around her wrists.
"Tess what has she don to you?" I whispered.
"Leave now. save your self" Tess coughed. 
Her hair was dyed red with blood. HER blood.
"I will be back I promise." I Crawled up stairs with tears in my eyes. 
Tess is only 6 she doesn't deserve this and mum said she could bring that friend around they had been planing it for a week.
I I lay quietly on the floor as I waited for my mum to leave. When I heard the door close I waited a minute before I got up and ran downstairs it hurt but I had to save Tess. I untied the rope from her wrists and carried her upstairs. I took her to my room and laid her on my bed. I packed my a pair of my clothes two of my jackets and a pair of Tess's clothes. I changed her clothes and shoes then. I stole some money from mum and put it with the money I had. It made £79.
I carried Tess brindle style out of the house and to the park. I saw 2 people already there. Great. Now we have to leave before people find out. 
"What happened?" A girl with purple hair said running over to me.
"It doesn't matter.
"Well it does. How old is she?" The boy said.
"Look we got in a fight. I need help for her." I said quickly placing her on a picnic bench.
"Bullshit" The boy said.
"I will tell you later please she needs help" I begged.
"Ok I will look after her if you want and you can go to the pharmacy around the corner." The purple hair girl said.
For some reason I trusted her. I had never seen her before but I think she might go to the local high school. I don't go to school. I wish I could so I could have friends.
"OMG thank you so much." I hugged her and took £10 out of my bag. I ran to the pharmacy and brought some anti-septic wipes, bandages, a sling and some supports. I was kinda planning ahead. Just incase. 
"That will be £8.59" The cashier said. 
I handed her the tenner and took my change. I left and ran back to Tess and the others. 
I wrapped a bandage around her stomach and put a support on her ankle because mum stamped on it.
"Thank you so much." I said.
"It is fine. I have nothing better to do."  The girl with purple hair said.

*George's pov* 

I had listened to my mother cry all night and I was tired of her telling me it was my fault. I packed a bag and grabbed my money. £110. I left and ran down the road I was just running past the park when I saw 3 teenagers crowding around a little girl. I had tears in my eyes but I still went over to them.
"what is going on?" I asked.
"We have sorted it now" A girl with brown hair said.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"Yes. What is up with you?" The girl with purple hair asked.
"I just kinda like maybe ran away." I replied.
"Really?" The boy asked.
"Yeah. Why are you all here you should be at school." I stated.
"Yeah but I ran away too." The girl with purple hair said.
"Same here." The boy said.
"We did too." The girl said clutching the little girl in her arms.
"Nice." I said.
We started talking and eventually the little girl started to wake from her sleep.

*Tess's pov*

I woke up and turned over. I was not in my soft cosy bed or on the cold hard floor of the basement so I pulled my eyes open.
I saw two boys above me and I let out a high pitch scream. I was scarred they were gonna hurt me.
"Hunny they wont hurt you." Emily whispered.
"Who are day" I asked.
"They are some people I met. We left mummy now" Emily said.
"YAY" I shouted but my tummy hurt.
I hated mummy she hurt me and made my tummy hurt a lot and she said my brother left us but Emily says she hurt him too much. I hope he isn't in pain now. Yesterday I heard Emily and mummy fighting about daddy. I cried because I miss daddy a lot. Emily says he is visiting his mummy and daddy forever but I want him home.
"Emily mummy hurt my tummy again" I said crying.
"I know baby girl but she wont hurt you know." Emily says rocking me back and forth on a swing. I was sat in her lap.
"Why does mummy hurt us?" I asked.
"Because she gets angry about daddy leaving." Emily replied.

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