The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


8. School/Hospital

*Emily's pov*
Me, Rhys and Tess walked into the school that buzzed with kids.
I held Tess's hand and so did Rhys. We walked to the office and waited for someone to notice us.
"How can I help you?" The lady asked.
"Can I talk to the head teacher?" I said.
"Umm.. sure" The lady said. 
She walked away from the glass window that separated us. 
She came back with a man in a black suit.
"You wanted to speak to me?" The man said.
"Yes. I want to in roll my daughter here soon. So I would like to look around this school" I said. 
Rhys looked at me as if I was mad.
"You look a little young to be a mum" The man said.
"I was a young mum" I said quickly.
"You look about 17" He said.
I looked behind him as Elle and George snuck in through a window that was open. Time to keep this going.
"Awww than you so much" Rhys said.
"I know babe. I am doing well for my age. I am 24." I said.
"You had a kid at 18?" He said puzzled.
"We are here to show my kid around not judge my life." I said.
"Ok what is her name?" He asked.
"Tess." Rhys replied.
"Ok shall we get this tour started?" The man said. I nodded.
We started walking down the hall. I looked at Tess and she really thought she was gonna go to this school. 
"Mummy I have to go to the bathroom." Tess said squeezing my hand.
I looked at the head teacher and he showed us to the girls toilets. I walked inside with Tess while the boys waited outside.
I got a text from Elle 'Done' 
"Tess baby. I can't afford this school sorry. Can you cry so we can leave?" I asked.
"But I like this school" She complained.
"I know but he is a friend of really mummy and we don't want her to find us." I said and hugged her.
Just mentioning mum made her cry. I hurried out the bathroom with her.
"We have to leave she just  started crying and I don't know why. Bye" I said.
I picked her up and me and Rhys ran out of the school and around the corner to meet the others.

*Elle's pov*

We just got round the corner when we saw Emily and Rhys running towards us. Emily had Tess in her arms. 
"Now what?" George asked.
"There is a blood bank down the road." I explained.
"Yes but we can't just walk in and take blood." Justin said.
"Fine I have an Idea. It mean we lose Tara for a bit." Rhys said.
"What?" I asked.
"Well if we put her in the par and then call 999 saying she tried to kill herself but not give our names." Rhys explained.
"That is not bad. She will get help" Justin said.
"Lets go get her. and nice one Tess with the crying." Emily said to Tess.
"Tank you emmy" Tess said smiling.
We hurried back down to the lake but only Justin, George and Rhys took Tara to the park.

*Justin's pov*
I struggled up the hill with Tara's body in my arms. When I was up the top George took her from me. I wanted to cry. She has been through so much she wanted to end her life. We where at the par before we realised. We knew there was a pay phone near by so we brought money. George put her on a bench and walked over to the pay phone with us.
I used my sleeve to cover my fingers and I pressed the 9 3 times. I was scarred.
"Hello what is your emergency?" A woman said.
"She has slit her wrists" Is all I could spit out.
"Who has?" She asked
"I don't know." I said. 
"Where are you sir?" The woman asked.
"At the park opposite Boots pharmacy. umm Andrew road." I replied.
"Ok please stay on the phone." She asked.
"I can't sorry please help her though." I said and hung up.
We put our hoods up and walked away. I was so scared that she might end up back home. I guess I will check her out of the hospital.  We waited round the corner until we heard the ambulance coming and the police. We then left and hurried back to the lake. The girls were not there.
"Elle? Emily?" George shouted.
We slid down the hill and looked around our bags were soaked. Everything was in them our phones, clothes and food. 
"Girls?" Rhys shouted.
We looked around the trees and found them asleep on the floor, behind a tree. 
"Sorry we are tired." Emily complained.
"We have done our bit." I said.
"All our fucking food is ruined." Rhys said chucking the wet bags on the floor near us.
"What the hell." Emily screamed as she threw all her stuff out of her bag. Her make-up had gone all over her clothes and stained them. Her money was ruined and so was Tess's stuff. It was the same with everyones stuff. Their phones were broken, their money was ruined and so were the girls clothes. We went through Tara's bag and found 3 razors coated in blood. We dug a hole and buried them.
This is great We only had boys clothes. 
We sat and looked to see if we could save any food. NOTHING. We could save nothing.
We found a tree and hung mine, Rhys's and George's clothes on it. We talked about Tara and got to now each other more. 
"I have had enough I am gonna see Tara." Elle said getting up. 
"Can I come?" George asked.
"Yeah sure." Elle answered.
They both struggled up the hill and walked off out of sight.
"I have an idea If we are gonna stay here tonight. We need to get out easy right?" I said.
Emily nodded.
"Lets tie the ruined clothes together and make a rope."I suggested.
"Ok" Rhys said. 
Tess was sat on Rhys's lap and they kept whispering to each other. 
I am surprised we all just suddenly got along. But if we had fought that wouldn't be fun as we are now living with each other.
I started tying the stuff up and so did Emily.

*George's pov*

Me and Elle walked together closely to the hospital.
"So.." I said playfully pushing Elle.
"Just a question who do you like more me, Emily or Tara?" Elle asked me.
Without thinking i said.  "You because you are sexy." 
"Aww babe." She replied. 
We stopped and starred into each others eyes. Our lips met and I loved it.   I wrapped my arms around her waist. 
"Umm..." Is all Elle said.
"Lets not tell the others" I replied and we ran to the hospital quickly.

When we got there we walked right up to the front desk.
"Tara? She just came in suicide?" Elle said.
"Umm floor 5 but she is still tired she will be able to go home later hopefully. We will just have to ring her parents first." The man said.
We looked at each other she can't go home.
"Well I don't know how to put this but her parents are away on their honeymoon only they went to Italy. They are coming back in a week." I said.
"Oh well does she have any other family?" The man asked.
"Umm.. No she is staying at my house. Can I just check her out please?" Elle begged.
"Fine. Sign this" The man said handing me a paper and pen.
I signed the paper and handed it back. 
Me and George held hands and walked up to floor 5 using the stairs because I am scarred of small spaces.
"Hey Tara." I shouted as I walked into the room.
She mumbled something.
"You don't have to go home we checked you out." I cheered.
Tara smiled weakly.
A doctor walked in.
"She can leave now just be careful her stitches are delicate." The doctor said and then left.
"Yes I can leave" Tara whispered.
She got changed back into her clothes and we helped her out of the hospital I even went in  an elevator for her. We walked back slowly.
"The lake go our stuff everything is ruined. NO money. No food" I said.
"We got to the lake yay." Tara cheered.
"Yup it is hard to get  down though." Elle said.
"Why did you do it?" I asked.
"I don't wanna talk about it." She replied "Why is the lake fenced off?" She asked.
"Don't worry" I replied. 
We climbed over the fence and saw the ruined clothes tied to one end of the fence. I grabbed the clothes and clutched them in my hands as I shuffled down the hill. Elle and Tara done the same.
"She doesn't wanna talk about it." I said as Justin walked over to us.

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