The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


10. pawn

*Tara's pov*

I pulled my sleeves down to cover my stitches and I watch as Emily as she placed Tess on the floor.
"We are gonna take photos with people and they will pay with stuff" Emily said.
We are so gonna get caught I thought to myself.
We walked out of the alley and into a bad street. 
"So let's get this going" Elle chirped. 
Me and Justin stood in front of Elle while she took a picture. She deleted them straight after but it got other people interested.
"Um can you take a picture for me?" A man with two kids asked.
Elle nodded and took the photo. It was one of them weird cameras that printed the picture straight out. She handed them the picture and he gave her 3 pound.
"I have a better idea." Emily said.
She walked up to a dude who had his bag open. 
"Excuse me but can I have a picture?" Emily asked.
"Why?" He asked confused.
Emily looked at him for a second before answering "I am doing a school project about tourists and this part of town." 
The man nodded.
"Elle come here he said yes. You are he first one thank you" Emily said smiling.
She dipped her hand into his bag and took his phone, slipped it into her pocket.
"Thank you again" Emily said.
The man walked away and emily came up to us. 
"The new Iphone"  Emily said waving it in our faces. 
"We still have to flog it" Rhys said taking it  out of her hand and dropping it into the empty rucksack he had brought with us. It was one of the only things not ruined.
"Yeah fine" Emily pouted.
 "Go" Justin said pushing me.
I walked over to some girls that had open bags. 
"Hey you guys wanna photo with me. I need to get some photos for photography class" I said walking up to them.
"Yeah sure" One of them said.
"Ok can I get them separately?" I asked.
"Sure" Another one said.
One of the four stayed with me the other 3 walked over to Elle and George. 
I slipped my hand into her bag and grabbed her ipod. I placed it in my back pocket. I looked up and the other girls were playing with Tess and flirting with the boys.
I done this with the other girls and I managed to get a purse with £20 in it, a blackberry z10 and a samsung galaxy note. 
As soon as the girls left I dropped the stuff in Rhys's bag.
"Well I managed to get 10 pound." Emily said walked up with a tenner in her hand.
"How?" Rhys asked
"I asked a old woman if I can borrow some money for my little sisters food and told her our mum died." 

*Elle's pov*

We had been doing this for about 3 hours and the bag was about half full because we were taking to photos at a time. 
"People are ignoring us now" Emily, Tara, Justin and Rhys complained. 
I let go of Tess's hand and handed the camera to Emily.
"Let me get some photos." I said.
I was still wearing the clothes I went to the school in. I unbuttoned my blouse a little and walked over to a group of boys. 
"Do you want a photo boys?" I said winking.
"Yeah" One of them replied there was 3 of them. 
"Ok" I replied.
We stood in front of the camera and smiled I placed my hand on one of their ass's and he smiled at me. I slipped the phone into my back pocket and done the same with another boy. 
I gave them the photo and done my blouse back up. 
"What's the time?" George asked. 
"5:45pm according to this phone" I said.
"Lets flog these and then buy food." Justin said. 
Rhys opened the bag and I chucked the phones in the bag. 
"We could easy get 1000 pound for these" I said. 
We walked around the dirty grey street that was lite up by pub and club lights.
We finally saw a pawn shop. 
"Only one person go in with about 5 things." Tara said stopping us.
"Umm give me 3 phones, camera and an Ipod."I said. 
Rhys unzipped he bag and handed me a Iphone 5, Blackberry z10, samsung galaxy note and a camera and an Ipod touch. I walked into the shop with these in my hands.
The shop had Junk hanging from the walls and in glass cabinets under the counter. The rooms were a dirty white that matched the celling. The carpet was a rough blue. 
"Hi Umm I am looking to sell some stuff" I said nervously.
"You come to the right place then missy." The man said. 
He was tall and thin with brown hair and green eyes.
"Ok. How much will I get for these?" I asked as I placed the stuff on the counter.
"Umm about 700?" He bargained.
"You don't know how much I did to get these. I want at least 800." I said with a smile.
"750" He stated.
"800 or I will leave. I bet you got no one else selling this stuff." I said. 
Maybe I used to watch too many cop shows. 
"Ok 800 just because I got no one else selling this shit." He reached into a draw and pulled out the money. 
"I can get you a lot more of this stuff if you want." I said winking. 
"Is it the real deal and does it work?" He said looking at the stuff.
"Yes it does work but I still have photos on there. They are my mates and we are gonna by a flat." I said.
"Come cut the crap. A 15 year old girl like you just doesn't get this stuff off her friends you stole it and the pictures aren't even of you" He said.
"Whatever you want them or not?" I said rolling my eyes.
"Fine but I will deny it if anyone asks" He said.
"Fine" I replied.
i walked out of the door and spoke to Rhys.
"Come on he knows we stole the stuff and he is willing to buy it but he will deny it if anyone asks" I explained.
Rhys followed me into the shop and and placed the bag on the table.
"How much for this" Rhys asked.
"Umm how about I pay you guys 10,600" He said.
"umm how about you fuck right off." I spat.
"Umm how about 21,200?" He asked.
I looked at Rhys and then said "Yeah sure." 
I snatched the money out of his hand and Rhys tipped the bag upside down spilling everything every where. We walked to the door. 
"This stuff is worth double that at least" The man said.
"fuck" I muttered.
We walked out to the others and I held the money up.
"Yes" They all cheered.
"Lets go buy some food." Justin shouted.
"Dinner?" Tess said. 
"Yeah dinner." Rhys replied picking her up

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