The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


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*Rhys's pov*

"I am sorry but she is gone" The doctor said placing a hand on my shoulder.
"But she can't be. No check again." I shouted with tears streaming down my face.
"I am so sorry." The doctor said. 
I tried to push past the doctor but he stopped me. 
"I just wanna see her" I begged.
"I don't think that is a good idea." The doctor said.
I collapsed in a chair and started crying heavier.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the doctor telling me to leave.
"But I wanna see her please please please." I begged agin.
It was just 2 weeks ago I was here in the same ward and begging to see my sister and now it was my girlfriend. 
"NO please leave. I am so sorry but You really should just walk away." The same doctor said.
"SHOVE IT YA CUNT. I HATE YOU" I screamed. storming out. 
I sat in the car without saying a word. My dad looked at me and spoke.
"I remember we were here last year because of your mum." My Dad Said.
"Oh shut the fuck up. You are the reason mum is dead." I spat.
"Don't talk to me like that." my Dad yelled.
"You were there you couldn't have helped her but no." I shouted at the top of my lungs.
My mum and dad were in a car crash and My dad could have saved my mum but he wanted to get his money first.
"You are grounded. Whatever. I don't give a fuck. My mum dies last year 2 weeks ago my sister my girlfriend just died. It can't get worse." I screamed. 
We sat in silence all the way home. When we got home I placed a framed photo of Georgia, my girlfriend. with the framed pictures of my mum and sandy , my sister, on the desk near my bed.

* Emily's pov*

"I wish you were dead" My mum screamed.
Tears filled my eyes as her words played through my ears.
"Why?" I whispered.
"You can't do anything right" My mum shouted as she starred at the empty bottles of alcohol that she found in my school bag.
"It was only a little drink." I yelled.
"That is the 3rd time this week and now I have to find you a new school." She screamed.
"Well maybe if you Didn't have a different guy every night." I yelled.
My dad died when I was 10 and ever since she has had a different guy every night. 
"Let your dad go he died four years ago." My mum shouted.
That pushed it, I slapped my mum around the face. Tears slipping out of my eyes I knew I had done the wrong thing.
She pushed my to the floor and sat on my stomach. She slapped me over and over again. Blood dripped from my mouth, nose and forehead. She got off me and kicked me in the stomach again and agin with her high heels. I curled over in pain and covered my stomach with my arms. She kneeled down to the floor and grabbed my hair. She pulled my head up by my hair and smashed my head against the floor. She done this again and again until the doorbell went. She kicked me into the back room. It was a room in the back of the house with a sofa and tv in it. 
I lay on the floor and watched as she hurried to the door out of sight. 
She snuck up to her room with someone and then hurried back down.
"Don't make a sound or you will join your brother." My mum whispered.
I lived with my mum, sister and used to live with my brother. My mum beat my and my sister she done the same with my brother but one day when she had a man round he shouted for help. when the man was gone she beat him. His school found out and the social got involved that night I heard her beat him to death. I listened as they shouted and yelled and then it all stopped.
My sister is currently in the basement tied up and cold. She brought a friend round when mum was busy in the bedroom with some guy. 3 days ago. My mum locked her in the basement and tied her up everyday my mum goes down there and chucks a bucket of water over her. 
I am so scared but can't say anything.

*George's pov*

"I am home" I shouted as I walked up the stairs. 
I got no reply so I checked downstairs and she wasn't there. My sister. She should always be here after school. I walked around the house before I decided to check her room.
Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see.
I twisted the golden handle of the dark door and stepped into the light purple room.
Tears flew into my eyes and down my face as I saw, Molly, my sister hanging from the ceiling fan. A long piece of rope clung to her neck as her lifeless body hung there. I ran over to her and puled the rope only making it tighter. I grabbed some scissors that were on her desk and cut the rope. I noticed the scissors were blood stained and when Molly's body was on the floor I rolled up her hoodie sleeves. Cuts scattered her arms. I looked around the room and saw a chair that had been kicked over and a video camera that had been on the floor. 
I grabbed my phone and called the cops 
"My sister is dead she hung herself." I cried.
"Where do you live?" The woman said.
I told her my address and then told her I had to call my mum and hung up.
"Mum Molly is dead come home." I cried and then hung up. 
I held her body in my arms and cried. I decided to find out what her last words were. I picked up the camera and turned it on.
'I am so sorry' she sobbed. she was stood on the chair with the rope around her neck. 'George I can't carry on knowing I am hurting you. I was never a great sister or daughter. I was always to scarred to tell you how I really felt. Mum, Dad sorry i am a rubbish daughter. I know I am nothing you want. George I will always be watching over you please know that I love you all.' I heard in the back ground the door open. 'Bye George thank you so much' She said over my voice in the background she stepped off the chair and threw the camera to the floor. In the corner of the screen you could she her hanging. 
Right then my mum burst through the door. Crying along with police. 
They took her body away and my mum cried as she watched the video.  I listened as the police talked.
"She is covered in cuts from head to toe. On her stomach, legs, arms." One man said.
"Does the family know about this." Another said.
"I knew but my mum didn't" I said walking up to them.
"Shall we tell her?" the first on said.
"I will" I said.
"Ok. You were just a minute to late." The second one said.
If I had gone straight to her room I could have saved her. I thought.
I told my mum everything. 
"You could have saved her" My mum screamed.
"sorry" I stuttered.
"I hate you. you will never be my son." She screamed.
"Mum sorry. I am as upset as you" I said.

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