The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


3. Leaving

*Elle's pov*

I woke up in a pool of my blood and tears. I painfully pulled my self off the floor. I crept upstairs and locked the bathroom door. Every bone in my body ached. I washed the blood off my face, arms and hair. I cleaned my teeth an done my make-up. Most people will think omg she done that without pain. NO that all fucking hurt but I am trying to get over it. I will have to go to school and be called a whore and a slut because of my heavy make-up that hides the bruises.
I changed my clothes. I was wearing
I tipped everything out of my school bag and put a spear pair of clothes in there along with some make-up. I snuck into my dads room and saw he wasn't there. He must have already gone downstairs to drink. I Suck over to his bed side table and picked up his wallet I took £55. I chucked it in my school bag and ran out of the house quietly. I was trying to avoid. I decided it would be easier to skip school and get out of here. I limped to the park.
"Whore" Someone shouted as I walked past. 
I Just kept my head down. I got to the park and sat on the swing. I had a while and my dad wouldn't notice me gone tonight.
I guess this made me a 14 year old runaway.

*Justin's pov*

I woke up and look around. My room was destroyed. Everything broken and smashed. The walls had been spray paint saying 'I hate this house'. What had them girls done.
I jumped up and changed into some chinos, white high tops and plain black top. 
I grabbed my bag an was about to leave when.....
"You better not come home" Daisy spat.
Tilly walked in and opened her mouth and let out a high pitch scream. Her mum came running up the stairs and into my room. Tilly was crying and Lexi ran into my room.
"What happened in here?" Helen shouted.
"I don't know I walked into the room and he was spray painting. He came up to my and said 'Don't fucking tell anyone' and then slapped me" Tilly cried.
"Justin you better not have." Mason shouted as Helen looked at the hand print that was on Tilly's cheek.
Daisy and Tilly had walked into my room and Daisy hd slapped Tilly then Tilly screamed. That's what really happened.
"I didn't" I protested.
"You are grounded Justin." Helen spat.
Lexi, Mason, Tilly and Helen left while Daisy stayed behind.
"Watch where you treed you are on thin ice with us." She spat then ran out the room .I tipped everything out of my school bag and packed some trainers another top and trousers. I hd had enough of them I would never hurt a girl yet alone one younger than me.
I grabbed all the money that I had brought with me. It was only £45 but it was enough for me.
"Bye" I shouted as they thought I was leaving for school. 
I headed to the near by park which was only 10 minutes away. 
When I arrived I saw a girl with purple hair and heavy make-up she had a bag to and was sat on the swings. She must be skipping school and waiting for some friends. I recognised her from school but we had never spoke. 
I sat on a bench and waited for time to pass.
I am officially a run away at the age of 16.

*Tara's pov*
Today I had woken up early and I thought I might check my Facebook. BIG mistake.
'Go die'. ' I hope you cut to deep'.  'No one likes you' 'You are worthless.' 'unloved'
I read through the hundreds of comments and saw one that stood out 'Your family don't want you'. My brother had written that. My 13 year old brother. Tears poured down my face like a shower.
I got dressed into this
 I grabbed a bag and shoved some clothes in it along with some shoes. I grabbed my money that I had saved up for a shopping trip for my 16 birthday. I had £105. I wiped my eyes and left for school. I didn't feel like having breakfast. I ran to the mall across town and sat in the car park. I hd also taken a bottle of Whiskey and was drinking it. I was a mess but no cared.

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