The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


6. Lake

*Tess's pov*

I woke up and it was light but it was cold like the basement and the floor was wet so was everyone. It reminded me of when mummy threw stuff at me. I started crying and Rhys woke up. I like Rhys he reminded me of my brother. He picked me up and started rocking me back and forth in his arms.
"You are such a sweet little girl" He said.
It made me smile only Emily, my brother and daddy were ever nice to me.
"My tummy hurts." I complained as as shooting pain came to my stomach.
"Don't worry it will get better." Rhys said. "Do you wanna play a game?" 
"Yesssss I love games" I shouted.
I saw Emily and Elle started to move. Ooops.
"Round and round the garden like a teddy bear one step two step tickle under there" He said with his soothing voice then tickling me which made me scream.
Emily jumped up and ran over to me.
"What happened?" She asked worriedly.
"We were playing a game and I tickled her" Rhys said.
"Oh ok" Emily said.
Everyone else slowly woke apart from Tara who just lay there. 

*George's pov*

I woke up with Elle next to me. We were all waking up. Elle pushed herself up. I got up and walked over to Justin and Rhys. We kinda just automatically became in charge of cooking. 
"We have cereal but no milk" Justin said.
"Well lets just have a box of cereal per 3." I said.
"There is 7 of us" Rhys said.
"Yeah but Tess won't eat much" I replied.
"True" Justin said.
We got the two boxes of cereal out and sat down. 
Me, Elle and Justin shared and Emily, Tess, Tara and Rhys shared.

*Tara's pov* 
Tess reached in and grabbed a handle full of coco pops and ate them one by one. 
me and Emily watched her and laughed. I grabbed a small hand full and put a pinch in my mouth at a time. 
We had just finished eating when some people started walking on the bridge.
Last night we had been swapping stuff around and now all our food was in the bags we had taken with us. I looked once more at the people coming towards us and then it hit me I knew them from school. This is not gonna be fun.

*Rhys's pov*

We all watched as people walked onto the bridge. We were about to leave anyway but now we just sat there talking.
"Oh look it's Tara." One of them screamed.
"Heyy bitch how is your arm?" A different one shouted.
"What do they mean?" I asked quietly.
Tara just rolled her sleeve up. Her arm was covered in cuts and scars.
"Fuck off" I yelled.
"Oh you got your little boyfriend to stick up for you" One shouted as they got closer.
They walked right up to her and kicked her in the stomach.
I stood up and punched the boy in the face.
"Don't do that" I shouted.
There was 5 of them. Emily and Elle quickly pulled Tara out of the way.
George got up and kicked the one on the floor and someone came up to him and hit hime in the stomach. Justin got up and we were quickly n a full on fight. I looked over to Tess who saw the blood on people faces and let out a high pitch scream making us get off each other. I backed away and so did George and Justin. 

*Elle's pov*
We helped Tara sit up and just as she was feeling better the boys backed away. Tess had screamed. I looked and saw the damage one of the girls that had yelled at us was now laying on the floor. SHIT. She deserved it. 
"Just fuck off us" Justin shouted.
They turned around after helping the girl up and walked off. 
I helped Tara up and we grabbed our bags.
"I know where a lake is" Tara said.
"Lets go" Justin said. 
We all followed Justin and Tara. My bag was really heavy and My shoulder was staring to hurt. I didn't complain because I knew this was the rest of my life. I felt sorry for Emily carry her stuff and Tess's stuff. 
I was stood at the back with George and we were invoved in our own conversation when we stopped. 
"What is wrong?" I said rushing to Tara.
She was laying on the floor. 
"She collapsed as we were walking" Justin said. 
"CRAP" Justin shouted.
"What?" Emily asked.
Justin rolled up her sleeves to reveal two massive cuts. 
"WHEN?" I cried. 
Tears rolled down everyones faces.
"What has happened?" Tess asked confused.
Emily bent down to Tess's level and said "Tara wanted to sleep forever." 
Tess's reply broke me heart. "Like daddy then. I know he won't come back" 
"Yes like daddy. Only daddy didn't hurt himself like Tara" Emily replied. Tears poured down her face as she said that.
"Why did she hurt herself" Tess said.
"She didn't like herself" Rhys replied wiping Emily's tears away.
"But she is pretty and very very smart." Tess replied.
"When we were in that fight who were you watching us or Tara?" Justin asked.
"You guys" Me and Emily cried.
Justin wiped the blood that was dripping from his mouth. George had blood trickling from his nose and Rhys had a cut cheek.
"Emily your bag." I shouted.
Emily went through her bah and checked the bandages and anti-septic wipes.

*Tess's pov*

I have no idea why Tara hurt herself.
She is beautiful, pretty and smart.
I don't want her to leave us. 
I am scared she will. I think it is them bad people that hurt her. 
She is to pretty to hurt herself. 
I think she is gonna see daddy soon but that isn't good because daddy won't come back.

*Tara's pov*

I could hear them crying. I couldn't see them. I couldn't move. It broke my heart to hear them crying over me for the first time ever I felt loved. But then I remembered that I would only bring them down. I could feel them wrapping something around me. I could her Tess talking about me. A tear slipped out of my eye and it dripped onto the floor. I loved her and she loved me.


*Emily's pov*
Justin was now carrying Tara and we were running towards the lake. We heard sirens getting closer probably about the fight. I was carrying Tess in my arms. I was tired but I couldn't let Tess run. It was my fault she is here. We stopped as we looked down the hill down to the lake was so steep. 
"How will we get down?" Justin asked.
"We don't have time for this" I said. 
I pulled my jacket off and wrapped it around Tess I held her with one hand and ran down the hill but I slipped halfway we went tumbling down. I saw the others faces in a flash they were shocked I had just run but as quickly as they came they left.
I only stopped when I hit a tree. I lay there for a minute before standing up. I unwrapped Tess and she walked off to the edge of the lake and slipped her shoes off. I looked around we were at the bottom. YES. I only had a few cuts.
The others starred at me. I guess this lake was fenced off for a reason. It was fucking dangerous to get to.  I watched as everyone up there wrapped there jackets around Tara and placed her on Justin's lap an he slid down the hill. The other boys ran down and Elle she stood there scared. Eventually she sat down and slid to the bottom. 
"The cops are almost here" Elle said.
The boys quickly washed the blood away and joined us again.
Justin picked up Tara and we hurried into a little woodland bit near the lake. Justin placed Tara on the floor and we all starred at her.
"Is she gonna make it?" Elle asked.
"She needs more blood."  George replied
"But we can't get it for her." Justin said.
"OMG George" Elle screamed.
'Shut the fuck up." I said.
"No I remember George saying last night he is studying tuff like that. He knows how to give her blood he just needs blood." Elle said.
"Oh god yes" George said stunned.
"Where will we get blood from?" Justin asked.
"What blood type is she?" George asked.
"I don't know......... but the school does." Elle said.
"So what we break into the school and look at her record.?" Rhys asked.
"I have a plan." I said looking at Tess. 
Great. I have been on the run for one day and I am about to break into school records. 
"What is this plan then?" Rhys asked.
"So I will change clothes and act older. I will take Tess and ask them to show me around because I may in roll my daughter there. While 2 of you can look in her record thing" I said.
"Ok that sounds awesome." Justin said.
"O that is the plan" Elle confirmed.
"What is the time?" George asked.
"2pm the school Tara went to stays open till 4pm" Justin said.
"Ok lets go now." I said.
I opened my bag and picked out some black skinny jeans, black converse, white blouse with a black collar and black jacket. I put some fake diamond earrings on. I stole them from my mum a while ago. I rubbed the dirt off Tess's face and lifted her up.
"Ok, Who is coming with us?" I asked.
"Let's all leave so the cops don't catch us." George replied.
"Good idea." Elle said.
We left all our stuff near the edge of the lake.
We struggled up the hill, it took us 5 minutes. When we were at the top we saw a cop car drive straight passed us. We left Tara down by the lake we had mad a hammock so she was fine. I hope.
"Come on guys quick" I hurried them as they climbed over the fence that surrounded the lake. We ran across the bridge and down the high street. I have to say quit a few people starred at us. I guess it is not every day you see 5 teenagers and a little kid running down the road. When I knew the school was around the corner I stopped and looked at everyone. I ran my fingers through Tess's hair. 
"Rhys come with me you are gonna be my husband" I said.
"Ok. When did that happen though?" Rhys joked.
"YAY Rhys is daddy." Tess cheered.
"He is only acting" I replied.
"Oh but I get to go to school now." Tess pouted.
"Maybe If I like the school." I said.
I felt bad lying to a 6 year old but hey what you gonna do about it. I have to save Tara.

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