The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


1. just the start

*Elle's pov*

"You are such a disappointment. I hate you" My dad, Dave, screamed at me. 

I sat on the floor with tears spilling down my face. I waited for my dad to hit me.
It was becoming a normal thing now. I wake up sneak off to school, come home and my dad beats me then I usually go up stairs to my room if I haven't passed out. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a heavy hand slapping my around the face. I struggled to keep my balance and just as I managed to stand up straight again his hard fist came and knocked my to the floor. I lay on the floor as he kicked my stomach. Tears poured out of my eyes and dripped on to the hard wooden floor. My tears and blood danced as they met on the floor. A cry escaped my lips as the man I am meant to call Dad Kicked me in the stomach his hardest.
"Shut the fuck up. You worthless bitch." My dad screamed.
I lay on the floor not saying a word. I was curled up holding my stomach in pain. Dave kneeled down to the floor and grabbed my hair. He pulled me onto my knees by my hair. 
"You dirty little slut. You are a waste of space" He whispered fiercely in my ear before slamming my head on the floor. I could feel my body hit the cold, hard, wet, from my tears, floor. My world faded as My thoughts carried me away. I knew I would probably wake up and go through the same tomorrow. 

*Justin's pov*

"Here they are Justin" Sarah said as my new foster parents walked up the drive. 
Yup. I was a foster kid. My parents were murdered because my dad had a gambling problem. People treat me like I am a little kid and tell me a bad man killed them. I am not stupid.
I was snapped out my thoughts by someone shouting.
"COME ONE JUSTIN" My new parents for the year yelled.
"I am Helen" The woman with blonde hair said, smiling.
"I am Mason" The man with short brown hair said.
I followed them to their car and we drove to my new home. I refused to talk to either of them on the way home, I just starred out the window.

We arrived at my new home and I walked in holding my bag of clothes and stuff.
I walked through the front door and was surprised by the neatness. 
"How many kids do you have?" I asked.
"We have 4 kids and you." Helen replied. 
Just as she said that two small kids came running around the corner. 
"This is Tilly she is 5" Helen said pointing to a ginger kid. 
"And this is Maddie she is 8" Mason said pointing to a blonde kid.
"Daisy. Lexi" Helen Shouted for the other two kids to come.
Two Girls came running down the stairs and stood there.
"OMG How is that mum?" A brown haired girl said. 
"Daisy this is your new brother." Helen replied.
"Mum You said no more after Maddie. Now there is two more" The girl with unnatural blonde hair said.( It is bleach blonde hair)
"Lexi be nice" Mason said sternly.
"No I don't want that thing here." Lexi said gesturing towards me.
"I hate you mum. He will just ruin my life." Daisy screamed and run upstairs.
While I was focusing on the girls yelling Tilly came up and kicked my shin. 
"Ouch" I complained.
"You deserve it" Maddie said. They followed the older girls upstairs.
"Don't mind them they just need to get use to the idea of having a new brother" Mason said patting me on the back.
"Well that was Daisy she is 15 and Lexi she is 17." Helen stated.
"Yeah. I am 15 too." I said.
"I know" Helen replied.
"Come on. I will show you to your room." Mason said.
We walked up two flights of stairs and then along a long corridor. At the end of the corridor was a pale wooden door which Mason opened. The room was massive. It had a king size bed a huge walk in wardrobe, an on-suite, a big desk, a 50 inch T.V, Dvd player and A big stereo system.  

"I shall leave you to make your self at home." Mason said.
I was about to put my stuff in the wardrobe when I heard someone at the door.
"Don't make your self comfortable because no one wants you here. This was my room and I want it back. I always get what I want." Lexi spat.
"I will make sure you don't stay long. You would be better dead than cross us." daisy spat pushing me to the floor. 

*Tara's pov*
" No one likes you" They shouted as they shoved me into locker.
"Go die" Another girl spat.
The shouted at me as they took turns kicking me. I lay on the floor of the school. I didn't cry. I never cried this happened everyday. I stopped crying last year. I am 14 and on the floor of a school being beaten. Fun, Not.
"Stop that now" I heard miss dean shout.
"Get off her and you are all in detention. I will be calling your parents. Now GO TO THE OFFICE" She screamed.
All 8 of them walked to the office heads hung low. I think two girls were laughing.
"Are you ok?" Miss Dean asked. 
I pulled down the sleeves of my jumper.
" I am fine" I replied.
"Go to the school nurse please." Miss Dean said.
I limped to the school nurse which was just around the corner.
"Hello. What is the problem?" She said with her back to me.
"It is me." I stuttered.
"oh not again Tara this is the 3rd time this week and it is tuesday." Shelly said.
"Sorry Shelly." I said sitting on the bed.
"Don't be sorry darling" Shelly said hugging me. 
Me and Shelly were close. Only me and the teachers knew her name. 
"Can you take your jumper off please?" Shelly asked.
"Umm.......No" I said.
"Come one please.The blind is down." She said.
She knew I was self conscious.
"Um.....No I don't wanna" I complained.
"Tara have you c...." Shelly trailed off.
I slid my jumper off and I was left in  white polo shirt. 
"Tara. When?" Shelly asked me.
"Last night" I whispered.
"With what?" She asked.
"A razor" I muttered.
"Tara. You have to stop cutting it is dangerous." Shelly said.
Right then. One of the people that beat the crap out of me walked in.
"Hey mi..." They stopped mid sentence.
"Wow The whore slices and dices her skin" They shouted.
"Eliot Get out now" Shelly screamed.
I heard him shout it to all his friends that were outside the room and they would tell everyone.
Miss done a few checks and listened to my heart.
I slid my jumper on and walked out the room after I said goodbye of course.
"Hey Whore. Emo" Eliot shouted.
"Bitch" Someone shouted.
Everyone starred at me and started laughing. I stood there looking around and then someone threw a razor at me.
"Don't cut to deep." They laughed from somewhere in the crowd. I span around and started feeling dizzy. the world was losing colour and peoples faces were faded. I fell to the floor.


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