The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


11. Food

*George's pov*

"Elle come here." I said tapping her on the shoulder.
She dropped back and we walked behind the others.
"We nee to talk about the other day" I said. 
I loved Elle and she knew it.
"Yeah we kissed what can we do about it." Elle said. walking quickly to keep up with the others who were almost running. 
"I love you Elle" I said stopping her.
"And I love you too but we are in no situation to play happy families" Elle said.
That hurt like a thousand knives.
"I know but come on something good has got to come from all of this." I said.
"Lets take it slow then" Elle said kissing my cheek. 
We looked ahead and the others were about 15 feet ahead of us. Our fingers were intwined as we ran to catch up. 
We caught up and never let go of each other.
"What do you want for dinner." Rhys asked. 
"Umm...  Chinese." Me and Elle shouted
"Pizza" Tess said looking up at Rhys with her shiny eyes.
"kebab" Tara yelled. 
"Indian" Justin screamed
"Burger and chips." Emily said. 
"Lets get what everyone wants we have enough money for now."  Rhys said. 
"Sounds good"
"ok." We all agreed.

We walked around for a bit until we found a kebab. We stood outside and talked about what to buy.
"Why are we here I want my food" Tess said stamping her foot.
"Tess behave and don't throw tempers." Emily shouted.
Tess jumped and hid behind Rhys's leg. 
"Sorry baby girl" Emily said walking over to Tess.
Tess had tears streaming down her face an flinched as Emily got closer.
"I am so sorry. I won't hurt you. No one will hurt you now" Emily said holding her arms a out for a hug.
Tess just nodded and stepped into the safety of Emily's arms.
"So a cheese pizza for Tess and some chips for Tara" Rhys confirmed.
 "Why are you getting chips from here and not the chip shop?" I asked.
"Because I like these chips better ok." Tara replied.
*After we had got all the food*

*Elle's pov*
This food was great. I loved it. It was getting dark we had to off the streets.
"Guys it is getting dark we better find somewhere to stay." I said.
"Ok lets try and find somewhere." Justin replied.
We walked around the streets for a while. We couldn't find anywhere to stay.
"Where is Tess?" Emily screamed.
"I thought she was with you" Tara said.
"NO" Emily shouted.
"OMG. Where could she be?" Rhys shouted.
"This is horrible I lost my sister. I was trying to protect but I lost her." Emily  cried.
She violently hit the wall. I felt so sorry for her. Where could Tess be?
"I will go look for her this way." I said pointing behind us.
"I will go with you" George said.
"No help the others look." I said.
We all split up. I wondered off by myself along the cold and dark streets. I was getting paranoid and kept checking behind me. I think someone is following me. I walked down an alley and checked right at the back for Tess. NOTHING. I hurried back out the alley and started walking faster. I checked behind me and there was someone there. They were wearing a dark/ black hoodie that was covering their head, some black gloves, baggy jeans and white trainers. They sped up the same time I did. I broke out into a run and didn't look behind me. I ran down the street and across a lot of roads I had no idea where I was going I just wanted to get away from that man. I ran around the corner of a building and stopped. Everything had been a bit of a blur until that moment. I bent over breathing heavily. My lungs burned. I closed my eyes shutting out the horrible street. I pushed my purple hair out my face. 

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