The run aways

Meet the run aways.
Justin, Rhys, George, Tara, Elle Tess and Emily.
A group of troubled teens that end up running away an meeting each other. They try to continue together but will the survive with no money, food or water.


9. Cameras

*Tara's pov*

My head killed and my arms were numb. I felt like crap. What could I do about it though. I just smiled and laughed with the others. 
"Well we have nothing so what do you want to do?" Justin said swinging his arms.
"We need food and water" I said shocked.
This sucks I just came out of hospital and now we have to run about getting food. 
"Yeah Tess had her first meal in forever yesterday."  Emily said.
"We can't just have nothing." Rhys said.
"It will be easier to travel." Elle said.
She was right. 
"Well we can go hungry tonight and then we can find food tomorrow." George said.
We all just sat there. Once it was dark we had no torch. 

*2 Days later*

*Rhys's pov*

I woke up and walked around everyone else was up and awake.
"I am so fucking hungry" Elle complained.
We haven't eaten since Tara came out of the hospital.
"We need to eat" Emily said.
I walked over and hugged her. I took Tess out of her arms.
"Tess are you hungry?" I asked.
She nodded.
"This is stupid We need to get food" George said.
I took Tess and walked down to the lake edge. I washed Tess's face and hands.
"I know." I shouted back.
Me and Tess walked back to the others. 
"Let's leave" I said.
"Yeah we need to leave and GET FOOD" Elle shouted.
We started walking up the hill and Tess and Emily was struggling. I picked up Tess and climbed to the top and left her there then I ran down and pushed Emily over by accident. We both went tumbling down. We were only half way up so it was cool but I scratched my arm a bit.
"Sorry" I muttered.
"It is ok but now you have to get me back up there." Emily playfully pouted.
Emily jumped on my back and I struggled up the hill. When I got to the top I sat down and Emily jumped off my back.
"I am hungry Emmy" Tess complained.
"I know baby girl" Emily said hugging Tess.
We walked back across the bridge and into town. 
"We have no money." Elle said as we passed a shop.
"We know" Tara said.
"We need a camera." George said.

*George's pov*
So I have an idea. I saw it on t.v once. 
We need a camera and offer to take peoples photo and we steal their stuff basically. It was risky but we needed money for food.
After I had explained the idea to the others we sat thinking about it as we sat in a car park.
"There is a photography class about 5 minutes away. I was gonna go but decided not to" Elle said.
I kicked an empty, old bottle. 
"Yeah. Lets go" Justin said.
I wish I could go home. I thought running away would mean meeting someone and living with them after a while. Man was I wrong. 
Me and Justin got up and left the others. We had no idea where we were going but we just kept walking. It took us about 15 minutes to actually find the shop.
"Lets go in" I said.
Me and Justin walked around the shop several times before we found a open window. I was smaller that Justin so I slid through it and pushed it open a bit more. Justin waited for me outside as I searched around in the dark. 
I found a counter with a cupboard under it. I opened the cupboard and felt around. I grabbed what felt like a camera. I took two just incase. I stuck my hand out of the window and handed the cameras to Justin.I must have tripped an alarm because aloud squeal rang through the building. I pulled my self up and out of the window.  We took a camera each and ran down the road. We stopped at the corner to catch our breath and then ran to the car park.
"We got them" I said in between breaths. 

*Elle's pov*

We looked up as we heard heavy foot steps coming towards us quickly. We saw Justin and George with a camera each. 
"We got them" George panted.
"Good. Did you get caught?" Tara asked.
"Big foot here tripped an alarm." Justin said pointing towards George.
"Great lets leave now then." I said getting up. 
We hurried down town into the bad part. No one we knew was there or would be there. I was ahead and I stopped and turned down an alley. I watched as everyone followed me.
"So here is the plan. I will take the pictures with George and the rest of you will be in them at some point." I explained.
"Ok lets start now." George said.
"Ok" I replied.

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